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What Is Blood Pressure?

Find Your Numbers & Learn How to Improve Them


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  • Surprised that you didn't include the low range. It is actually not great to get too low either.
  • Informative article, thanks!
  • I think the parameters now are 120/ 60.
  • Small changes lead to big changes and big changes lead to results.
  • My BP is actually low since reaching goal and maintaining! WORTH it in itself!
    My BP used to shoot to 190/100 but still not feel any kind of dizziness. Can you please explain why this is so? thanks.
    Howdy. I just signed up today! This is a great article and your website is really a wonderful resource when it comes to fitness and health. Hey, I'm sure your other readers will benefit from these, too. Check this out.
    My blood pressure is 127/ 68. I started a senior exercise class last week, its only twice a week. I have started walking. I need to work on eating the right foods.
    Three years ago my weight was at 187. By following diet and exercise advice from The Biggest Loser website, I was able to get down to 135. Unfortunately, by not watching what I'm eating, I've gone back up to 150. Even when my weight was down, it didn't affect my blood pressure. It was still over 140/90.
    i was on blood pressure meds for 37 years ,everytime went to drs it was over the top very high my dr did a 24 hour blood pressure test after i complained of dizzyness and feeling like i was going to pass out i have low blood pressure yes white coat now on no bp medicine
  • I am so for fortunate that although I am almost 80 years old (in Sept), my bp is normal.
  • My MIL was told by her cardiologist to wait 3 hrs after taking her B/P meds then sit and rest 15 min before taking her blood pressure. Even at the Dr office they take it then they would take it again later in the visit after she sat for a while.
    Every time I go to the doctor's office, my BP is high. So I bought a BP monitor for home, and it's normal to low. I brought my monitor into the doctor's office to see if it was accurate, and the readings were quite close. So, both my doctor & I know that I have "White Coat Syndrome" where the BP is higher in the doctor's office.
  • Thank you for this article and chart. I was diagnosed with HBP and an abdominal aortic aneurysm in Sept 2012. I have a digital BP monitor since then that I use daily. I am now on meds and my BP is usually under 120/75, unless I am having a stressful day when it gets up to the 130's systolic.
  • Very interesting, I knew one fig. was blood in and the other blood out but this makes it clearer, also clearly as I have just been diagnosed w slight high blood pressure, it probably won't take much to bring it down. I hope. I have tablets but intend them to be a short term fix.

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