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Ice Home Remedies

Ice is N-Ice


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  • I have been told once you ice it and get the swelling down, then you can put heat on it.
  • As I was reading this article a student came in w/ a injury to her ankle. I/we always ice injuries so from experience I can say this is the way to go.
  • Good ideas. Thank you for sharing.
  • Great article. Thank you very much.
  • Great Article.....a lot of new ideas to treat my softball tweaks and injuries...
  • I have always liked the disposable glove method. You fill the glove with water, tie it shut, and freeze it. The hand shape is perfect.
    I suffer from chrondromalacia patella, a frequent cause of anterior knee pain
    The slushy ice pack is the " coolest " thing :-)
    I have used all sorts of manufactured ice packs and home made bags of ice chunks/crushed ice you name it I have tried it .
    I have had therapy & my therapist sold me an expensive reusable Elasto - Gel wrap. it is nice & offers some compression & cooling effect simultaneously but the slushy beats it hands down .
    A word of caution though , IT GETS EXTREMELY COLD 15 TO 20 MINUTES MAXIMUM .
    Use it safely & wisely , the first one I made I got the ratio wrong & mixed it 2 to 1 instead of 3 to 1 ( 1 part alcohol 3 parts water ) it froze like it was supposed to but it was so cold the bag started forming frost on the outside . it was cold.
    I added water & it works great .
    I am also doing low impact aerobic exercise to loose weight & strengthen my legs it helps me manage my knee pain as well. this is a great website ,thanks to all for their input it helps many people live a healthy life.
  • I got a great tip from my mom's physical therapist which I used when I had sprained my ankle: Soak kitchen towels in water and freeze them. When you get them out, they are frozen, but still flexible enough to be wrapped around the area any time you want. I was able to cool the entire ankle all the way around, which was impossible with an ice pack. Best of all, there was no waste, and nothing to buy.
  • I personally prefer to use one of those commercial chemical ice packs. The idea of using food on my nether regions bothers me.
  • This is a very good way of numbing the pain and taking down the swelling, but that first instant cold shock is wow!
  • Exellent ideas, Thank you!
  • Great ideas, I use the peas but I like the gel pack home recipe

    My aches thank you!
  • A bag of fish tank gravel works great for a large area.

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