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The Science Behind Soy

Confused about Soy? You're Not Alone.


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  • I have been eating and cooking with soy products, especially tofu and soymilk, my entire adult life. Don't know what I would do without it!
  • Excellent article, helpful information.
  • Yay, Becky! Count on you to present the scientific evidence instead of the mainstream headlines. Thank you.
  • I have been eating and cooking with soy for almost 3 years and have seen quite a bit of health improvements.
    It's obvious that all human bio-systems are not created equal. We have different blood types and genetic compositions. What is good for one may not be so for another. For instance, some of us are actually allergic to Benedryl - a med that is commonly prescribed to counteract many allergic reactions. In addition, at 58, I have come to realize that my own system continually changes from decade to decade, requiring modification of diet in order to function normally. Most of what we know about nutrition and exercise - good or bad -can be individually applied based on what our own bodies tell us. Minimizing stress and NOT trusting our government's involvement in our diets is probably a good start....
  • I am at a point where I question anything the government agencies tell us. FDA - a lot of what they tell us is hype, something to keep us addicted to sugars, grains, etc. I will do my research and believe what I learn. It is time we as consumers let the government and businesses know we do not want everything "they" think is good for us. It is my money and I am now in the business of eating healthy - organic, non-GMO, non-processed.
  • The majority of the soy grown in the USA is genetically-modified and for that reason alone I will not eat it. As someone who teaches genetics at the college-level I am greatly concerned as NONE of the GM foods have been adequately tested (despite what you have heard in the media). Independent studies have found serious links to environmental damage and health problems.
  • Before believing anything that is written on any website you need to do your own research. Evidence based practice shows soy to be causing children to have menarchy earlier than average and women to have harder times to get pregnant and going to term. I love Sparkpeople but please make sure to do your own research as well and to decide yourself what is true or not.
  • I wish you would've included something on soy's effect on acne!
  • I only have soy in limited amounts because I take thyroid meds, but I find that it helps me feel better when I have PMS symptoms, so I'll only eat/drink soy-based foods around that time.
  • Never really new that much about soy. Thanks
  • I like articles like this that give even, thoughtful coverage of available studies. There is no blanket endorsement or rejection of soy here. Thanks Dietician Becky.
  • WoW! Looks like soy does everything but cure back-aches and the common cold...hmmmmm.
    This article really helped me - Soy has often been a difficult subject for me. All issues clear after reading. Being older and in remission from Breast Cancer and on thyroid medications. Soy is not an option .

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