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Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners

Ready, Set, Exercise!


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  • Very good tips. Thank you.
    Always be careful when beginning again.
  • Interestingly, the only times I've hurt myself exercising was during supervised, once at yoga class and once at "Y" Silver Sneakers. Know your limitations and don't allow yourself to be pushed beyond them.
  • Good to know. You satisfied my curiosity.
  • Good information. My doctor cleared me for exercise even though I find it very difficult. I'm going to start overdraft slow.
    Have pain or pressure in the left or middle part of your chest, or in the left side of your neck, left shoulder or left arm... I would add to this a pain between your shoulder blades or being nauseous can also be signs of a heart attack.
  • Thanks for the article. Good info
    Trying hard to lose weight. Can't really exercise yet, just diagnosed with left bundle branch blockage in my heart. Put myself on a strict diet and do a lot of 5-10 minute exercises. Wish me luck. This is my first week and feeling some better and clothes are already fitting a tad looser.
  • LGECOL55
    I just had the OK from my Doctor to join the local gym since they have my seizures under control. I live alone, they don't want me exercising by my self. The gym is very nervous,
    and I know when to stop by body signals. I do not pass out, but have right side weakness with my seizures. Do I just plain not exercise or give it a try.
  • Good article. This helps me alot, because I have an appointment at curves. I asked a few questions on the phone, now I have more. I am not sure it is right for me , but this gives me the info. I needed . I have some problems that limits me I hope they have a program that fits my needs. Thanks for this article.
    Great article, thanks for sharing!
  • thank for the article on exercise i just join the ymca try to go every day .but not all way do.but just wont you to know i did read the article and they did help out thank you
  • You neglected to mention NASM as one of the nationally recognized certifying agencies.

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