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Learn to Love Running

Meeting Your Goals Never Felt So Good


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I love my running started out could run for a minute than walk for 5. Now today I actually overtook other runners that was a milestone for me Report
Thanks for the article, which taught me a few things.

I transitioned from running on the treadmill to running outdoors with a group, and it's been fabulous. I'm now at a point where I can run 10 miles, and working out with the group has combined the best of social aspects with the best of solitude. Report
i love running as well. I am not very good at it, and I cant run consistently for very long, but im great at the run/walk/run method.. I joined the Galloway Method of training in December and now the farthest I've run so far is 6 miles. I'm training for my first EVER half marathon in March. Also, Ive never run a 5k and my first 5k is Feb. 9th!!!! crazy, how far ive come! Good luck to everyone who is trying to run. you will love it, no matter how you do it! Report
i started running 3weeks ago and i already feel the difference,it always changes my moods and clears my mind!!!i run every evening for the 30minutes except on weekends Report
thank you for sharing... its true we have to make the time to workout...
and i do love running but i cant seem to get past the two miles anymore at 4mph after slipping a disc...
yeah i know.... it takes time but i am ready just not pushing hard enough...
thanks again!!!!
yay you! I just started yesterday and I cannot run very far at all yet but gotta start somewhere..good luck!..*S* Report
I love running. I think it's so natural as far as exercise, and I love that (for me) it's solitary. Usually, I run on the treadmill - but outside is nice too.

I did a 5km when I started, then a 10K, then a half marathon. I learned I hate races though... I like the solitary aspect of running, so running with a heard kind of defeated the purpose. Report
Wow, good timing yet again. I've started on Sunday. I do a 5-min unit of running, 5 min walking, 5 min running... I try to go up 1 unit a week for the first month. My goal is to run 30 min straight some day. I am not giving myself a date as to when I have to achieve that, as this would stress me out, but I want to run at least twice a week no excuses! I did it on Sunday and Wednesday (2 units of 5 min) and the second time around I was much faster. Will see how it goes today... I am using runkeeper to track my progress (Username is Maruca) Report
I have been working out for a while now and I have always HATED running! But here lately my husband has started running and so I have been trying to get into it! And today I finally reached my goal and ran 1mile without walking!! And I got the runner high that my husband talks about! I can't wait to run tomorrow now!! I'm so glad I read this on this same day!! Report
Great article! Came at the right time too. I went out and did 2 miles today, 6 segments of running and 8 of walking. I actually enjoyed the running for the first time - I think because my legs are stronger and my lungs more fit, due to the aerobic DVDs I've been using. Thanks for detailing the benefits - this will motivate me to do it again and again! Report
I like this "Problems and thoughts that might have been swirling around your mind disappear when you’re deep in the rhythm of your footsteps—you might even discover the perfect solution when you’re done with your workout". Sounds like a 2-in-1 shampoo - get a good therapy AND health benefits, too! Report
Running & jogging are not synonymous. Jogging pounds my joints, but running does not. Report
Running really depends on my mood. I have read though that experts suggest jogging or fast running is better for the body since it puts less stress on the legs and knees. It also burns around the same amount of calories. I think both worlds are just as good. Nice article! Report
I'm about to start running, despite the advice of some well-meaning friends who keep telling me to keep walking instead. I ran in high school, enjoyed it, but quit as I grew larger. Now that I'm in at least a good as shape as I was during my senior year, I am starting up again, but slowly. Have even sent in my registration for a 10k in October!

Ann Report
This article is very correct. The one i can point out is that when im upset or frustrated i just go jogging, it helps me release all the tension.i always tell myself that the treadmill is where i am to leave my frustrations at. I am not allowed to take them with me when im done. I love jogging.


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