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Goal Buddies are Golden

Who's Your Buddy? Anybody!


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  • It would be great to have a fitness buddy. I do have my dog to take walks with but we live in a small rural community so hard to find someone here.
  • Love working out at the gym with my son. We both work a lot so when we can we meet up at tge gym .
  • Today, Leslie Sansone was my workout buddy--5 fast miles!
  • A workout buddy sounds good but out here (on the rice fields) would be hard to find... I am the only foreigner around and all the locals laugh at me for working out (good naturedly, but laugh anyway). I use Spark as my workout buddy!
  • Good plan having a buddy to exercise with. My community has a clubhouse which offers a power walk class three times a week as well as line dancing and a fitness room. Depending on my schedule, I will use those resources. I don't have a problem with motivation as daily exercise has become part of my routine. since joining this program. I have been able to choose longer workouts or piggy back several shorter videos depending on what type of workout I want each day. Believe me, I have surprised myself by being so consistent. I think it's because of eating more nutritious meals and having much more energy as a result. I am sleeping soundly, too. Thank you, SPARK, for the resources and the inspiration I needed. I am a much happier 62 year old!
  • I could use a buddy to help me with this challenge.
  • My ten and nine year old daughters want to be my spark buddies. 10 minutes of exercise a day? Bring it on! :)
  • Weight loss buddies are great to help keep you motivated and to stay on track.
  • My weight loss buddy has been awesome - even though we don't live in the same place and have never worked out together. We encourage each other, share our goals and hold each other accountable. Right now we have an ongoing wager to pay the other $20 if we miss work out days. Doesn't seem like much, but it keeps us working out.
    I'm open to the idea of a buddy but I don't think I could be healthy about it. I'm very competitive. I think I would feel crushed if he/she succeeded when I didn't, and self-righteous and proud if I succeeded when he/she didn't. That's not helpful at all.
    I agree completely. Check out my blog "What a difference a team makes" on my SparkPage where I tell you the progress I've made with my challenge team mates. We encourage each other, lift each other up when we fall, remind each other of the goals and that we are worth it.
  • I agree with this article. My best friend has been my buddy through the last couple of months. She keeps me motivated and I am now at the point that if she has to miss a day exercise I am still motivated enough to continue without her.
    looking for a buddy to share weight loss and healthy lifestyle

    am 62 year old grandmother and have 35 pounds to loose
  • I am looking for a buddy - I am in my late 40's and have 20 pounds to lose...

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