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Goal Buddies are Golden

Who's Your Buddy? Anybody!


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  • The 5% challenges are a good source of goal buddies.
  • My hubby is my goal buddy.
  • Having a BUDDY would be nice. Even with my open schedule it's hard to find someone. I have been able to use SparkPeople for this. Even though we do get together physically, I have found a lot of support and motivation online. Thanks!!!
  • I truly need a GOAL buddy (HELP) :(
  • Other than my husband, I am unable to find a like minded fitness buddy, so he helps keep me accountable, but I do mostly everything alone, with encouragement from him. Not everyone can find a buddy unfortunately. That's what I like about Spark, is that I have my like minded buddies here, if not in person.
  • Having a buddy makes a difference but is hard to find with conflicting schedules.
  • It would be great to have a fitness buddy. I do have my dog to take walks with but we live in a small rural community so hard to find someone here.
  • Love working out at the gym with my son. We both work a lot so when we can we meet up at tge gym .
  • Today, Leslie Sansone was my workout buddy--5 fast miles!
  • A workout buddy sounds good but out here (on the rice fields) would be hard to find... I am the only foreigner around and all the locals laugh at me for working out (good naturedly, but laugh anyway). I use Spark as my workout buddy!
  • Good plan having a buddy to exercise with. My community has a clubhouse which offers a power walk class three times a week as well as line dancing and a fitness room. Depending on my schedule, I will use those resources. I don't have a problem with motivation as daily exercise has become part of my routine. since joining this program. I have been able to choose longer workouts or piggy back several shorter videos depending on what type of workout I want each day. Believe me, I have surprised myself by being so consistent. I think it's because of eating more nutritious meals and having much more energy as a result. I am sleeping soundly, too. Thank you, SPARK, for the resources and the inspiration I needed. I am a much happier 62 year old!
  • I could use a buddy to help me with this challenge.
  • My ten and nine year old daughters want to be my spark buddies. 10 minutes of exercise a day? Bring it on! :)
  • Weight loss buddies are great to help keep you motivated and to stay on track.

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