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28 Days to a Healthier Heart

A Tip of the Day Calendar for February or Any Month



8/27/2013 3:28:30 PM

I am an RN and the calender is an excellent reminder even for myself which I will be using. However, it would be nice if the calender was updated. Thank you.


8/10/2013 7:08:47 PM

It's bad enough you are way behind with the calendar, so that idea is useless, what really annoys me is that every time I try to use this site instead of asking me to log in, I'm asked to "join". How many times are we supposed to join!?


8/9/2012 7:13:39 AM

computer dinosaur...sorry. i will eat an apple a day. goal drink more water


5/3/2012 9:09:56 AM

BAPSANN's SparkPage
Although it is not February, May, I printed the calendar and will follow it for a healthier heart. I have a history of heart disease in the family so need to begin focusing more on my heart.


2/3/2012 10:40:50 PM

I have decided to attack one thing at a time. I took this first 2 weeks to just meet my daily calorie and exercise goals. I did well on staying with in my range for the whole time. Exercising for me is difficult because it takes me two days to recover after strength training but hanging in there. For my next two weeks, my focus is going to be on staying within my calories with eating healthier foods. This calendar will help remind me.

This site is great!


1/31/2012 2:11:58 PM

I have lowered my cholesterol quite a bit with weight loss and better diet. Im hoping to avoid having to take cholesterol meds. This article and calendar is an excellent reminder.


1/31/2012 11:33:57 AM

XME501's SparkPage
The focus for February came at just the right time for me. I have elevated blood pressure and my goal for the month is to exercise more each day. Am joining the 24 Hour Fitness and plan to go most every day - even if for only 15 - 20 minutes. I think losing weight is a better way to bring those numbers down - than taking meds.


1/31/2012 7:52:04 AM

I'm going to print this calendar and use the tips. Although they are all going to be helpful to me, I think I need to especially focus on the stress pointers. My job is a 12hr stress fest three days a week and I need to learn to purposefully relax on my days off!


7/12/2011 10:35:59 AM

JANICE1313's SparkPage
I love the ideas expressed with the calendars.


2/8/2011 6:17:29 PM

Great reminder to keep me on track =]


2/1/2011 5:29:38 PM

SHIHTZU1947's SparkPage
This is my 1st calendar to print,I think it is a great reminder to encourage me all month!


2/1/2011 3:09:36 PM

BLCTLEW's SparkPage
I use daily tickler files from Getting Things Done and I print the calendar and stick it in the front of the next folder, then each day I read it first and move it to the next file.


2/1/2011 10:39:23 AM

I really like these calendars and they're motivators, but I don't print color. It would be REALLY NICE if you made it so they can be saved to desktop to be used as desktop wallpaper!


2/1/2011 9:22:00 AM

I always like seeing the new calendars and I printed this months off so i could focus more on heart health for my whole family.


2/1/2011 7:31:13 AM

I just brought my husband home from the hospital for a heart problem...this is perfect timing for us

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