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Using Exercise to Relieve Depression

Walk Away from the Blues


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  • Thank you for pointing how exercising can help with depression
  • This is a very well balanced article. Pity about the title which could have people with depression thinking 'walking away from depression ' is unrealistic. But actually, a little bit of exercise, when you can manage, can indeed ease depression a little.
  • Exercise has been helping with my depression.
  • I've suffered from depression my whole life. My Daddy and my Brother also suffered from depression. It has made me a prisoner in my own home for the past 20 years. I'm in a battle for me!
  • Exercise really helps with depression!
  • I am fighting depressioN now. I have meds that seem to work. I have started exercising and it helps. If I don't, it sneaks up on me.
  • I am 80 and live in Ohio. I would enjoy swimming and I do it outdoors in the Summer. We have 2 options in Winter. The High School where it is impossible to find a close parking space and long halls to get to the pool. The water is cold because the hold relays at that beautiful facility. The second option is the Hospitals Therapy building. It is so small that you bump into each other constantly. The YMCA joined the High School so you use that pool.
  • I've struggled with depression for years. I found that exercise did help me combat it. I've also found that if I skip exercise, the self doubt creeps in as well as the behaviors that go with it.
  • Thank you for the great article. I have taken medications for depression for years and the combination of them has made such a huge difference in the quality of my life. I know I will take them for the rest of my days. That said, I am also a firm believer in the power of exercise and its healing effects. For me, combining the two forms of treatment make life exuberant.
  • Very nice article, depression is a very serious concern and it is necessary to treat depression as it has dangerous effects on mental and physical health.
    I have used Tranquilene to treat my depression and it worked for me. You can know more about this antidepressant here
    Thanks for sharing this coach Dean!
    And thanks everybody for sharing your story!
    It has helped me out a lot today and in the future too!
  • I've been fighting depression since I was a teenager. When I was in my 30s, one of the other students in my master's program told me he had been taking antidepressants. I asked a bunch of questions and finally decided that I had suffered long enough, and trying to get rid of it just with natural means and counseling was just not working for me. (It's on both sides of my family, so a big part is likely genetic.) I went on Zoloft, and I've been fine ever since. Sure, exercise, life experience and a generally positive, calm attitude help a lot, too, so I'm trying to do all that in addition to the meds, but I'm realistic. In my case, it's a long-term medical condition, and I'm treating it just like I would any other condition.
    As an added bonus, I noticed I'm calmer. I used to have panic attacks a lot without realizing what they were, especially in a public place like a store - really silly, since I work with the public, but very real. Since I've been on the Zoloft, I haven't had anxiety problems, either.

    Bottom line: Do what works for you. Go ahead and try the exercise/counseling/healthy living approach, it does help, but if it's not enough, don't be afraid to add medication. It may take several tries to get the medication and the dosage right, so be patient. It's time the stigma of depression and other mental illnesses disappears. You'd never tell an asthmatic to just take a deep breath, but people routinely tell people with depression to just have a positive attitude. It takes more than that, so don't be afraid to get help.
  • The Blues, a form of music. Howlin Wolf, Lazy Lester, BB King, Buddy Guy and the Queen of the Blues KoKo Taylor. Grew up on this music!! It is definitely what I listen to when I'm running, walking or just jammin around the house.

    To me, Blues has Nothing to do with depression!!!!
  • Wild West Kate's comment was even more inspiring than the article. Thank you!
    While exercise does make a huge difference to my mood there's the counterproductive side if you are naturally competitive - I'm not as fast, have less stamina, less skilled than other people my age doing the same activity. Rather than being inspired by those who can do what I can't I get dispirited. I have to deliberately dumb down my activities so that I don't get overwhelmed by what I can't do - it helps if I'm on an equal footing with those around me. It's cheating but it seems to have a less negative effect.

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