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Now & Zen: Easy Relaxation Techniques

A Calmer, Healthier You is Within Reach


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  • Re3laxation is the key to success in any endeavor as it will eliminate stress!
  • It' so true...ongoing stress will suck the life right out of you. Thanks for the tips on relaxation. Don't agree with the idea that 'thinking' about gentle breezes and warmer climate is going to make the body feel like it's real.
  • Great article. Some good reminders. Thanks!
    I really disagree with your statement "your body can’t tell the difference between a thought and a real event." I think it's presumptuous to say that about everyone. The only truth in that is that you can be under stress when thinking about negative things or dwelling on bad things from the past. That really can hurt you if you do it all the time. Saying we can't tell reality from a thought is ridiculous and should be backed up by hard science. In fact, I find the whole thing offensive! Being able to distinguish between reality and thoughts are what make people sane.

    Here are better ways to explore positive imagery:
  • This article is so rewarding. There are so many ways to relax. I use music and reading to relax my nerves. I camp with my horse too and that is so rewarding. Out in nature, listening to the wildlife. Ahhhh, the good life!
    I've always loved yoga as a way to relax. To me, it is meditative.
    I...still need chocolate. Well. I want it, anyway. ^_~ But these are fantastic ideas, and I will definitely put them to use!
  • Great article. Thank you
  • Who doesn't have stress? I know I do! I have been trying deep breathing. Also I think that stretching helps. In the car on the way to work and when I get to work I practice deep breathing. When I get to work I do an upper body stretch. This helps me start my day off in a relaxed manner. Also, I am not sure if I believe in aromatherapy, but I do use a hand cream that supposedly promotes stress relief. And of course, exercise - I go for a walk every day at lunch to clear my mind. Also, getting enough sleep helps too!
    These are all wonderful suggestions. I really like the idea of imagining stress sliding off the back like water. Imagery can be a very effective.
  • CHERYL20121
    Thank you for such a wonderful article. All these tips will be very useful to me. Bless you.
    Great article ! I use many of these techniques daily .Thanks for sharing .
  • For me, this sentence is so funny and ironic: "Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to escape to a tropical island at the drop of a hat, learning how to deal with stress in a positive way is more important than ever." I guess I would have to escape to another island.
    I live in a tropical island and it seems everybody is always stressed out. However, the tips in the article are very useful.
  • I have been doing mental imagery when I bike on the local Rails to Trails. I find it like stepping into a time machine, and I can almost hear the chucg of the traiins that one were there, hear the ghostly whistle as they round the bend. I read the article on Walking Meditation....I do Biking Meditation. I also practice deep, diaphramatic breathing to drift off to sleep.

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