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Chew Slowly to Prevent Heartburn

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That's why you have to eat before you get too hungry or else eating slowly goes out the window. Preparation preparation preparation..... Report
I like to put down my utensils between bites and have a sip of water. Also, I try to talk between bites. And as odd as this sounds, I cut my food into smaller pieces so it takes longer to eat and I won't just gobble it down :) Report
As a teacher with only a 30 minute lunch break this is easier said than done but I will try to be more slow when I eat. Report
My husband always puts his fork down when he is eating. I asked him why and he said his mother told him to do so. Eventually I decided to put my fork down and when I eat like a sandwich, I put that down on my plate or napkin. Once your mouth is empty pick up your food again. It does prolong the meal but I have much less heart burn. I used to complain to the DR and I was given medication. I did not like taking medication. Thanks to my spouse I rarely have heartburn. Pat in Maine. Report
I had surgery last year because the valve between my esophagus and stomach never closed...resulting in severe GERD and regurgitation from the time I was a small child. Now I MUST eat slowly because the food doesn't go down as easily. I find that I eat a lot less now that my meals take about 30 minutes. Report
I use a timer for 20 min. and make sure I chew well. Report
Thanks I needed that. I am always told by my baby I eat my food too fast. Report
Here's a place where being re-single is a positive! I dated a guy (who is now a good friend) who naturally eats very slowly. Despite talking nonstop during our first date (he is also shy and quiet at first) I finished my meal before he was halfway through his - I was mortified, I felt like a pig! Clearly it didn't bother him, but I soon made it a practice to keep pace with him at meals - and now I do eat more slowly and I enjoy my food more. I actually taste it on the way down! Report
I tried eating with chopsticks instead of a fork a while back. That got me to slow down real fast. I now know how to use a chopstick too! Report
I am a slow eater already. Now if I could just get my husband to slow down. He is 1 of 5 siblings and to this day they all eat like the food is not going to be there tomorrow. When we go to his parents for dinner I'm still eating and they are clearing the table off and moving on to dessert. Drives me crazy.

Mary Report
OK...I get this....I know this is important. I just have to somehow make it part of who I am....I've used the eating slowly as a goal, but I keep forgetting. So, maybe the next step is an affirmation. I'll write it out, carry the paper with me. Try better to track it every day at every meal. Wish me luck! Report
Very helpful article. It would be nice for some hints/help at remembering to eat slowly. I do well for a few meals and then I forget or I am in a hurry and just do not think about chewing slowly/taking my time. Report
Last December I was experiencing the effects of GERDS in the worst way and did not have meds to treat it. I started eating smaller portions, more frequently and chewing food more slowly. Besides less frequent bouts with GERDS, I lost several pounds without exercising!!! This does work!!! Report
Since starting SP in April, I have not had one episode of heartburn or reflux. Had it all the time previously. Report
Helpful article. Report

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