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Choosing the Best Energy Bar

Edible Energy: Find the Right Bar for Your Needs


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Thanks for the article. Report
I'm a fan of Pure Protein bars. I often eat them in place of a meal when I'm on the go. Eaten with a full glass of water they are very satisfying! Report
I buy more of these bars for my husband than myself for him look for the lowest carbs high protein type Report
I generally use fruit for a snack but when I am out and about or traveling Pure Protein bars are always in my backpack. Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Thank You for the great information. Report
I've been making my own energy bars for years. Every time I look at them in the store, I'm appalled by the ingredients and nutrition. Mine are healthier and taste better as well! Report
The Replacement Bar information is obsolete; however, the last page is on target -- make your own bars, or pack a nutritious snack -- anything purchased will contain unnecessary, unhealthy ingredients. Report
Good article! Report
Excellent explanation of the various kinds of Energy Bars. Good need-to-know information! Report
Thank you Becky, I always learn a lot from you! :-) Report
Wondered why there were so many different bars. Didn't realize to be used for different reasons. Informative article for me. Thanks. However, really don't buy them. Doubt if will start. Report
I rarely eat energy bars. If I know I'm going to be out at a mealtime I much prefer to take a protein smoothie made with fresh or frozen fuit. If that's not possible then I'll take a sugar free protein bar and a piece of fruit. I don't use them as snacks it's too much of a trigger to bad habits for me. Report
Good article but I cannot afford to buy some of these pricier bars and I looked at recipes for making your own and some of the ingredients were too expensive. I buy bars usually at Aldis, the Dollar Tree or Walmart and it is usually the less expensive kind for when I need a snack. Report

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