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Choosing the Best Energy Bar

Edible Energy: Find the Right Bar for Your Needs


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  • Great article but not very good news re: the amount of sugar contained.
  • IT blows me away the amt. of sugar in these energy bars.
    I don't really do energy bars per se, but I do granola bars, or Fiber One bars (are those energy bars??) I keep some in my bag and in the car for when I'm out and need to take pain meds (migraine sufferer) if I take them without food, they make me sick.
    So far I have not been interested in this kind of food, I eat really thin sliced apple, when they're crisp they remind me of chips.
  • Sadly--they are too carb heavy for me.
    Thank you for this informative article.
    Agreed. Cannot even believe Quest isn't on the list. Not sure who did this article but I don't think they did a lot of research. Quest has the most protein highest fiber and lowest sugars. Do some research.
  • I have been using Quest bars to stop wanting sweets. However I notice some one mentioned Victory bars. Will check it out as Quest has gotten so expensive. I have stopped using them unless I have a coupon from GNC. Good article!!
  • I agree with those who can't believe Quest Bars weren't mentioned. They are my go to on the run meal replacement bar! And Quest Bar statistics fit right in with the guidelines. Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream are my favs!!!!!
    Other than that, good information!
  • Add me to the list of Sparkers who are shocked that Quest bars were ignored. They have the best nutrition and the safest ingredients.
  • I love and am a big fan of Quest bars, and I'm surprised that they didn't even make the list! :-(
    I first heard about Quest bars on the Dr. Oz show. Stats vary but they are all high in protein (21) and fiber (17) low in carbs (22, but 3 net) calories (180) fat (7) and sugar (1) - made with stevia and gluten free. And just yummy! I order them online by the case as it's a little cheaper. Surprised they weren't mentioned in this article.
  • I love the strawberry slim bars from GNC -- I usually have one about an hour before I go to yoga. Keeps me from being hungry til lunch. Delicious and low calorie.

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