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Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

Stop Your Bellyaching!


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  • great tips. many have worked for me.
  • Don't have reflux or indigestion or belly aches or bloating... but I can imagine anyone cutting out the stuff on that list would stop suffering those things because they would have NOTHING left to eat!!!! LOL
  • Losing some weight and cutting sugar and wheat carbs and all the reflux is gone ...
    I was told by a Professor with a doctorate and works with hundreds of different families of chiles all day, that the capsaicin in capsicums actually fight the stuff that produce ulcers and help your digestive health. Your receptors might be firing, but it isn't physically doing damage.
  • Wouldn't it just be easier to say "don't eat"??
  • Yikes, I eat all but 6 of the items on the list.
  • If you stop eating all the foods on the list, what is there left to eat?
  • Ditto what Woubbie said.
    I have had GERD for more than 20 years.
    I can eat all kinds of fatty or spicy foods without heartburn, but a few bites of bread will bring on the pain.
    As my GI recommends, eat a "no white" diet
    if you have a little heartburn eat 1/2 banana
  • No starch, no sugar, no GERD.
  • Drinking water can cause my Gerd at night. If it is really bad at night even though I took my morning meds a tablespoon of vinegar will help the burning in your throat. Took me awhile to try this as it seemed so strange but it did work.
  • A tbs of juice from a jar of pickles can relieve indigestion very quickly.
  • Helpful, but the list is only a very general guide. Many foods that bother me aren't on the list. Other helpful foods are. For example, I have found that peppermint is actually good for my belly. Nuts are good, too, in moderation and chewed thoroughly, especially for those of us trying to keep our fiber intake up. I think you have to keep a food diary and just figure it out for yourself what bothers you and what doesn't
  • To Princessdi62, I have heard of LINX, but it is fairly new technology. Last year I had Nissan fundoplication for severe GERD. It's major surgery and not for everyone, but I am pretty much reflux free after having reflux since I was a small child, so I am pleased with the outcome.
    What amazes me is that nobody is mentioning the importance of drinking plain ordinairy water.Quite often the acidity felt is due to the body being in need of water.Many people fail to drink enough water throughout theday,perfering to drink tea,coffee, carbonated drinks ,fruit juice when in fact all of these can affect the gut.Strong tea and coffee can cause indigestion.....Many people say they are unable to eat breakfast first thing because they feel sick,drinking a glass of water can prevent that.

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