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Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

Stop Your Bellyaching!


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    I would like to see a warning added to this article: if you have heartburn or indigestion symptoms that come on suddenly, are very severe, or are combined with other symptoms such as weakness, shortness of breath, severe sweating, nausea, they MAY be symptoms of a heart attack and people should seek care right away. Women and people with diabetes can have these sort of symptoms and since it feels like a bad bout of indigestion they don't realize there could be an undiagnosed serious problem.

    A few years ago I had a severe attack of "heartburn" which turned out to be gallbladder stones. But when I - a middle-aged woman - went to the hospital the very first thing they did was an ECG. I was happy to see that health care providers are taking these concerns more seriously now.
  • I see that people disagree about peppermint. I agree with pazgivenchy that peppermint tea is good for me when I have an upset stomach. I see that artmisr can have peppermint and I believe it is because his pain is in lower abdomen. The reason i believe it is not good for reflux is that it relaxes the connection between esophagus and stomach.. I also worry that Artmisr should investigate lower pain that may mean diverticulosis. That needs a different approach to eating (or not) for treatment. Hope it is not that even though it's common, some people have no symptoms and some like me have terrible bouts with fever and in need of antibiotics.
    I used to have chronic heartburn until I learned to stay away from ANYTHING containing hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils. (My particular weakness was cookies before bedtime.) I thought I had asthma because the acid reflux was irritating my lungs.

    I have not had to use my asthma inhaler in about 2 years now.
  • Hi,
    This is a website that a friend gave to me.

    They both have acid reflux and he was really bad. After using this pillow, his problem has just about gone away.
    Along with eating better, and leaving out foods that trigger the problem.
    He also takes meds for it. But not everyday, he is almost off them too.

    His wife has bought one now too, and notices a difference in her reflux.

    PLUS,.....the pillow is good for someone that Snores, and sleep apnea.

    Its expensive BUT,....... isn't your throat and Health more Important?

    She doesn't snore so much now and He is actually sleeping in because he isn't being woke up. :)
    He Really is enjoying his sleep now :)
    I recently started weaning myself off of prilosec after taking it for 3 years non-stop daily, 40mg. Several months ago I began having worse symptoms of nausea, dizziness, occasional vomiting and the worse painful bloating ever, every day, no matter how much or how little I would eat. I started doing some researching and finally came to a conclusion that it must be tied in with the long term use of prilosec. I figured since this stuff stops acid production it seems as though doing that for a long time would mess things up in the body since we need that acid in order to digest foods correctly and that it would also prevent the body from absorbing much needed vitamins and minerals. I'm now down to 1/2 prilosec a day along with 2 zantac. Trying to do this slowly since the last time I tried I went cold turkey with it and suffered immensely and had to go back to 40mg. prilosec but with it came the bloating. During the time I was off of it all the bloating went away. I have also changed my eating around. I had been restricting my caloric intake severely because I felt I was gaining weight, but too low of calories was just going against me. I've been weaning off prilosec for 2 weeks now and am experiencing nausea at least daily now mainly in the afternoon time, burning has decreased signficantly though. I put myself on a bland diet and eating very small portions throughout the day, drinking coconut water, water and trying to wean myself off of my normal 2 cups coffee every morning. This is rough! I hope that I can heal my gastritis by making all these changes.
  • I have been suffering from GERD for along time now. I also have a large hiatal hernia that causes problems. I have always had difficulty swallowing I did find out that was due to a defect in my throat where it collects scar tissue in my throat. It is hard to eat sometimes and I omitted everything on the list and found that to be almost impossible. Since, with alot of sampling and trying different things,I have found some of the foods on the do not eat list actually don't bother me. Some I have to be careful on how much I eat. Like raw tomatoes don't bother me but eating bottled spaghetti sauce forget it...but if I make my own tomato sauce is fine. I believe that you have to find what foods you can eat and which you can't. I also have found that red meat I have to be careful with. I have been sick for days after two days in a row eating steaks or carne asada. No, it wasn't food poisoning and yes I am sure because it has happened more than once. So my advice omit the foods on the list then ease into some of them to find which ones you can eat. I stay away from canned, preserved and processed foods. IF you are looking for a brand that I have found easier to digest it is Newman's Own products. This is only a suggestion and I hope I have helped.
    I have been told i have gastritis. I was put on prilisec but it didn't help with symptoms of nausea & once in awhile vomiting of bile & also belching some. I also get this really full feeling after just a small meal. I feel like I have over eaten which I didn't do. Also when taking a drink of water it gives me a feeling of great fullness. I always feel good in the mornings. It all starts in early afternoon. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has been through a similar experience with gastritis. I must say that i had my gallbladder out & i have read that that can cause bile reflux. I would appreciate any information that might help with this gastritis. I watch what i eat. I stay away from spicy foods, fried foods, chocolate, onions, pepper, sweets, picles or pickled foods. I can't tolerate skim milk now so i have yogurt for calcium which doesn't bother me. It seems strange that oatmeal & a banana now upsets my stomach. Anyway I sure would appreciate hearing from anyone who has suffered from this kind of ordeal.
    I've been having uncomfortable gas & bloating lately (may be too much fiber all at once). I've found eating organic greek yogurt with apples has helped soothe it -- so much so I even made a recipe out of it:
  • I am confused about yogurt. Yogurt is suppossed to help with digestive balance, but dairy is not good for people with IBS?
    The list of foods to avoid contain almost everything I eat. What are some meals that would benefit someone with GERD?
  • Some times peanut butter will make my GERD's flare up.
    I also have to be careful with the instant oatmeal, the quick cooking rolled oats are fine tho.
  • I noticed it mentioned upper abdominal pain several times, but doesn't mention anything about lower abdominal pain, which is what I have problems with. I don't get heart burn or upper abdominal pain hardly ever from eating, but I somewhat frequently have problems with serious pain in my lower abdomen area.
    And it seems like the kinds of foods to avoid would differ somewhat depending on what the cause/type of digestive distress one is experiencing. (for example, I know things like spicy food, peppermint, and such are no problem for me.)
  • I read that IBS is different fro every person ..some food that a person can tolerate may not be tolerated by the other .So you you have to do your testing and stay away from the food that triggers your symptoms.
    For me Dairy Food,eggs, cafeine, lots of chocolate( if i eat a bite or two it won't hurt) lima beans, bulgur and high fatty food are the food that hurts me . I'm still adding to th list but those foos ususally makes me very unconfortable.

    I use caffix coffee instead of regular coffee everyday and almond or rice milk instead of regular milk and egg whites instead of whole eggs .

  • I have the opposite problem, whenever I follow a strict diet with about 1600 colories, I have the burning in my stomach like I'm starving all the time. Even after I eat. If I eat what I want and eat all day, I don' have the burning problem. I've been to the Dr. and he tells me to take Prilosec, but not even that has helped lately.

    Any advise?
  • I will try to omit coffee and even the small amount of alcohol I drink. I already don't do a lot of fats. I wont eat fries. How does a Hungarian give up pepper?

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