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Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

Stop Your Bellyaching!


  • Mint and peppermint are listed as foods that might cause spasms. I thought sucking on a peppermint after dinner helped, not hindered, digestion; which is why mints are often offered to diners at restaurants. - 2/2/2008 1:15:42 PM
  • very interesting article. i knew about some of the foods to avoid, but i just learned of a few more. thanx for the information education. i have learned something today. - 2/2/2008 12:48:17 PM
  • This had great information but I wish you could've added something about Celiac Disease. I had been misdiagnosed with irritable bowel for 4 years until my malnutrition symptoms finally started to show significantly. My iron was down to 8.2 and my stomach consistantly stayed sour. Adding in if a change in your diet doesn't seem to help, maybe there is an underlying problem that need further checking.
    - 2/2/2008 8:06:12 AM
  • 2008ISGREAT
    I keep reading this is great but I need a list of foods that can not be combined.
    I've eliminated so many foods that it is hard to reach the reccommended calories, protein, carbohydrates. I usually reach the fiber I was taking 50 grams of fiber and drinking 10 bottles of 32 ounces of water at one time...did't loose weight.
    I don't use sugar I use raw honey. I did eliminate fiber one, and all bran it was cramping me too much. I found oat bran to be ideal the draw back is it doesn't have the fiber and fills me to the point I can't eat anymore. So people try oat bran. It is soft and doesn't get "stuck" - 1/26/2008 3:23:23 AM
  • A very helpful article, but as I read the list of foods to eliminate from your diet, I couldn't help but wonder what was left. A list of safe foods or recommended foods woud have been helpful - 1/25/2008 6:02:15 AM
  • This was a very Informative article for me. As a smoker who's found lots of information about smoking causing everything, I sort of just ignore it most of what I hear. But it's TRUE! I noticed I get heartburn first thing in the morning with the first cig. This was a revelation and it could actually help me quit, because I hate heartburn and I'm guessing it's a benefit that you notice right away. - 1/24/2008 11:21:46 PM
    I suffered for 5 long years with acid reflux and found out last year that it wasn't acid reflux at all, it was gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed and I feel great. I wished I had found out sooner!!! If you are having persistant symptoms like the ones in this article, please find out for sure what the problem is instead of self medicating like I did, if it is gallstones you don't want to have to end up having emergency surgery. - 1/24/2008 9:58:20 PM
  • Before I started eating healthy, I suffered from heartburn daily....sometimes all day long. Once I started eating right the heartburn stopped. I think maybe my daily yogurt helps too. - 1/24/2008 7:25:35 PM
    great article, I've never really had a heartburn problem but recently I have experienced it a great deal, I going through a very stressfull few weeks and I hate to admit this but I was so upset I actually bought a pack of cigarettes ( I haven't smoked in 30 years). I didn't smoke many of them but at least one a day, that coupled with extra coffee and not enough sleep caused very severe heartburn. One more reason not to ever smoke, I didn't realize it was contributing to the heartburn. I stopped smoking after a week or so and was astonished that I even had wanted them at all. - 1/24/2008 6:38:39 PM
  • Hi all! I have struggled with reflux all my life. I had it when I was a baby but back then they didn't call it GERD.
    My dr. told me to raise the head of my bead 6" off the ground. I thought he was crazy but he was right!! I guess that is why he gets paid the big bucks. My dad made my some wooden blocks wide enough to hold my head board legs and they are 6" tall. It looks kinda weird when you walk in my bed room but who cares!! You won't really notice it when you are in bed. The theory is that it does not allow the acid to roll back up the esophagus (for once gravity is our friend).
    I hope you find this helpful. It has me. I have been sleeping on an incline for almost 5 years!! - 1/24/2008 3:37:10 PM
  • I've had heartburns every night around 3 am like a clockwork! But for the last 3 weeks, I got only twice! Whoot! I hated getting up 3 am in pain, drinking milk and walking around until it goes away. This article gave me more understanding how it works and suggestions. Hmmm - 1/24/2008 1:48:16 PM
  • This article shocked me. How I control my acid reflux is by taking a spoon full of vinegar. I got that tip from a friend and since I was out of my antacids thought I would give it a try...WORKS GREAT! And I love the natural aspect of the vinegar. But this article said to limit vinegar. I totally disagree. Chocolate is my #1 upsetter followed by spicy food and tomato sauces. But I am here to say that a spoon full of vinegar is a save all. - 1/24/2008 1:27:10 PM
  • I too had heartburn and my Dr wanted to give me an antacid for GERD...since I have lost ten lbs. I am having less of a problem and cannot wait until I reach my goal is a bit away but doable. I do not like taking prescription drugs so I have resisted. On top of hypothyroid I recently suffered a pulmonary embolis (blod clot to the lung. Has anyone else had any sort of thing like this. I believe weight loss will help this too. Excercise is number one and I am on oxygen when I sleep but I do excercise trying to enhance my breathing. - 1/24/2008 12:16:27 PM
    Tweetie - your question happened to be addressed on Oprah recently by Dr. Mehmet Oz. This is from her website:
    Probably the most infamous gas-producing foods are beans, which, Dr. Oz explains, contain sugar. "In fact, sugars in general are the problem." Bacteria love simple sugars and simple carbohydrates because they're so easy to digest.

    Dr. Oz says it's not just what you eat. It's also in the air you breathe. "Twenty percent of the gas comes from the air you take in your mouth," he says. "That comes because you're eating too quickly, you're drinking carbonated beverages, you're chewing gum, you're smoking cigarettes, you're sucking air into your body that gets into your intestines."

    Think of your body as a refrigerator, Dr. Oz says. If you let food sit in there, it's going to smell after a while. In your body, sulfur-rich foods like eggs, meat, beer, beans and cauliflower are decomposed by bacteria to release hydrogen sulfide—a smell strong enough to flatten a bear. Avoiding these foods is the ideal solution, but when stinky gas persists, the best solutions are leafy green vegetables and probiotics, specifically lactobacilli GG. These can be found in some yogurts. The product Beano can sometimes work with beans, but soaking the beans ahead of time is useful as well.
    - 1/24/2008 11:15:17 AM
  • Okay. I have a question regarding this article. I've lost weight, follow most of these tips most days (i.e. sometimes coffee is just necessary! And salad dressings with low acidity is a must in my life.) I used to have frequent heartburn (at least everyday). I find that heartburn is now a thing of the past (yay!). However, I have increased in gas. It's really embarassing. I've been following a pretty good diet that's balanced. I eat veggies and a salad daily. Then, as soon as I sit down for work (I sit on the ground because I work with kids) or at school, the pressure gives me gas. Also, as soon as I take off my belt from my workday to home, I have gas. I've been rewarded with my diet by my weight loss, loss of heartburn, etc. But, for a while (a couple months, sometimes resulting in as long as a week without a BM) I was constipated , so I increase my fiber intake (slowly, like they say) and I'm rewarded with horrible gas! How do I control this??? It's awful! - 1/24/2008 10:51:33 AM

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