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Dietary Tips for Digestive Distress

Stop Your Bellyaching!


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  • I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in December; I would love to Spark feature an article on this condition.
  • I've been taking a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning and it's helped my acid reflux tremendously. It's important to get the one with the "mother" and take it on an empty stomach. I also plug my nose and have a small glass of soymilk after to help with the taste.
  • GEORGE471
    Any thoughts about gluten sensitivity?
  • Another digestive issue to be aware of is gastritis, which is when your stomach lining becomes inflamed. It can cause extreme cramping and diarrhea, as well as heartburn like symptoms in the center of your chest just above your abdomen. Gastritis is caused by a high amount of acid in your stomach, and treatment is very similar to those recommended in the article-- cutting out or down on spicy foods, coffee (both caffeinated and decaf), chocolate, and fatty foods.
  • This is my Comment on heartburn and GERD get your vitamin D level Checked.....My heartburn went away after we found out that my vitamin d level was really low and the Dr put me on Vitamin D (2000 IEU) and on a Calcium citrate and Vitamin D bill twice a day
  • Cucumbers also give me terrible heartburn. Explain that one :-) I am taking a medication that is very rough on my stomach. I would always take it in the morning with breakfast and suffered from heartburn most of the day as well as many nights. A friend, whose daughter is a doctor, suggested I take it with dinner instead. I did that and rarely suffer from heartburn now. I am looking forward to losing weight so that I may not have to deal with it again.
    IgG food allergies can cause acid reflux, too. I know several people whose acid reflux disappeared within days of eliminating their allergenic foods. Most regular doctors don't know to check for this (or would rather just throw pills at you than investigate the actual cause), you may have better luck with a homeopath.
    This I know: reflux means I've let my weight get above a certain point. As soon as I get below that point, it goes away. Some people would automatically start popping pills - not me. This is one of simplest ways my body lets me know it's not happy. Popping a pill is too easy. I want that discomfort there for as long as it takes for me to do something (lose weight) about it. But then I may be a bit masochistic :-)
  • I was very surprised at how quickly my acid reflux resolved itself when I went on a lower-carb eating plan. Plus, I now have an internal "alarm" that tells me almost immediately that I have not eaten well!
  • If this condition is long-lasting, repetitive, severe--please, please see a doctor and have some tests done on it. I have a very good friend who complained of this for a while and finally went to the doctor and it turns out that she has esophogeal cancer. Her condition is pretty serious and besides the sadness I have in her illness, I understand how some things can be overlooked. Please, if you have any questions, go see a doctor. If it is minor, you have had a bit of inconvenience. If it is important, you are closer to being healed/ helped. I use that as my medical phlosophy--if you have a question, have it checked out. It is worth the time and cost involved.
  • I had acid reflux all the time..2 things cured it for the most part..Omeprazole twice a day, and I quit drinking soda,...
  • I have known several people with significant gastric reflux, despite acid blocking medications, that were able to be symptom free by following a low carb diet. Worth a try for those who can not control their symptoms, but do check with your doctor first!
  • DOING_IT_2011
    I suffered from Acid Reflux for years - tried everything over the counter to relieve it - tried the no alcohol, no spicy foods, etc - nothing stopped it - I went on a low carb diet to lose weight about a year ago and within a few days, my acid reflux was gone. Worth a try if all those other things don't work for you - I have had not problems since reducing my carbs. Good luck, I know how miserable it can be.
  • KEENAN53
    I discovered the best way to eliminate heartburn is to watch what food you group together in your meals. If you visit the website Great Taste No Pain, a different concept of combining foods but it reallly works. I was diagnosed with Gerds Disease and to day I am disease free all due to a change in combination eating.
  • I have to agree about raising the height of the head of your bed via a wedge pillow. I have suffered from acid reflux for years, take the meds, lost the weight, but still occasionally it came back. Now that my husband has heart failure beside putting 4" pieced of wood under the legs at the head of the bed what made the big difference is adding a 7" wedge under the upper mattress and no acid reflux! Everyone has different causes for acid reflux, may not work for everyone but it worked for me.

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