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Understanding Hypoglycemia

Eating to Prevent Low Blood Sugar


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  • I wish the articles were more current. Always wonder if everything is still relevant in a 10 year old article.
  • Great article with meal plan
  • I am hypoglycemic, without diabetes. I have been since I was a child. Doctors thought I was type 1 diabetic, but I wasn't. My fasting blood sugar is 80. After I eat it's 119. That was a donut.

    Anything sugar free. Makes my blood sugar drop. Carbohydrates are not evil for me. Eating low carb is evil. Since that causes my blood sugar to drop and quickly. I remember once. Eating steak and spinach for dinner. Shortly after that. I could barely stand. I was so weak and shaky. I could barely make it to the kitchen and get some carbs.

    It's a juggling act, but I survive
  • I am diabetic and do not eat that many carbs a day..
  • There seems to be a bit of controversy about this info.I will have to do some research
  • There seems to be a bit of controversy about this info.I will have to do some research
  • Too many carbs here.
  • I have hypoglycemia and it is the OPPOSITE of diabetes. Yes another misleading article from someone who is claiming to be a dietician. Seriously, get your facts straight. Also, the menu you listed would be very bad to a diabetic with how much carbs you put on that menu. A dietician? I think not.
  • That suggested menu is carb overload and would not be recommended to a diabetic. It would send my blood glucose soaringly high, hyperglycemia is as bad as hypo and is a hidden killer.
  • I had episodes of severe hypoglycemia, but it went away after I got on thyroid hormones. Most of the doctors did not recognize that I had low thyroid hormones since they like to rely on TSH. But an integrative medical doctor caught it, thankfully!
  • I wonder how many are eating 3 meals and 2 to 3 snacks each day because they beleive their hypoglycemic reactions are on account of waiting too long between meals and snacks, when it is really a reactive hypoglycemic reaction being experienced following high-carbohydrate meals and snacks.
  • Basically, to summarize all the comments..................
    Eat what keeps your BS level, and that DOES VARY FROM PERSON TO PERSON. Not everyone will fit your mold. Protein is not the end all of end alls. See your diabetic educator. Carbs are the definite "evil" is part of what I am hearing. I have never heard of protein bringing anyone out of a low. A 1/2 a cup of OJ has 15 carbs, and more often than not it will bring you out of your low in 15 minutes (up to 70). Then make yourself half of a sandwich when your BS is 70. 15 carbs every 15 minutes until your low is back up to 70. Then eat your protein with a carb. This is what I have always been advised to do. I have been a diabetic for 54 years, since I was 9. But always check with your diabetic educator.
  • While the article is informative, that sample menu is, I'm sorry, ludicrous. Please, if you even think you have low blood sugar, find another source for a recommended menu.

  • It would be great to see this article updated so that the "sample menu" actually reflected the instructions for having a high protein source with each meal and snack that is advocated in the text. I don't believe that a total of 89g of protein for the day is even close to what the text of the article alludes to.

    While staying within the generally recommended ranges, the 62 carb / 19 fat / 19 protein split of this sample menu is ludicrously low in protein when looking at the recommendations in the text. It's also worth noting that it only has 3, maybe 3-1/2 servings of fruit and vegetables, and is low in zinc, potassium, and vitamin A at the least.

    I'm with all of the other commenters who would find that the sample menu would be disastrous for controlling hypoglycemia. I find that a 50 carb / 30 prot / 20 fat split works the best for me, with the majority of the carbs being vegetables, fruits, legumes, and maybe one or two servings of "whole grains" at most. I do include dairy, but only Greek style yogurt (plain) since it is high protein, full fat cheese, or an ounce of skim milk at a time in a cup of tea and must be accompanied by a snack or meal.

    Seriously, ditch all of the bagels and toast and bran flakes and add in some eggs and larger servings of meats, along with at least 6-10 servings of vegetables and fruits and you might actually have a healthy diet that will help control hypoglycemia as well as being satisfying and sustainable.

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