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Find Meaning in a Job Well Done

How to Make All Your Work Rewarding & Satisfying


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  • It's the little things in life that impact our bigger vision and future, therefore celebrate them all!
  • In my area of Michigan, it's fairly flat land. However, there are a few hills in the fields that can get my heart kicking up a notch or two, and being off road is always better than on the country dirt road or a paved pathway.

    April, 2016, The Husband and I met up with online WWFriends and we hiked a mountain trail in SC. This was challenging, but thrilling. LOVE to hike. LOVE to challenge my body and mind to see how I can do.

    Good for us!
  • As usual, a great article! This causes This causes me to look at my goals in a different light. I hope you have a Marvelous & Blessed Monday! Linda Grimm
  • Signed up for a meditation walk on Wednesday; looking forward to that. And we now have a foster dog so walking more during the day, but generally not as fast. Loving it.
  • My uncle's cardiologist said going down stairs was much harder on the heart than going up. Uncle had permission to go up weeks before going down.
  • I loved finding this because I just started climbing (my third time was Monday), and I can't believe how quickly I'm hooked. I love that focusing so hard on where to put my feet and hands keeps me from thinking too hard about how I feel. I'll have to stop occasionally to catch my breath and can't move fast at all, but I'm having fun, not counting the minutes/miles until I get to stop like I do with running. I get passed, over and over, by people in better shape, but not by a single person sitting at home on the couch.
  • What a fantastic article! I absolutely loved this!
  • Well-written, motivating, inspiring - a great article!
  • I quit a job making the most money I have ever made in my life because my boss was always changing the end product of our research and there was never an "official" end result from our research. It never felt like I finished a project. I am a little OCD about these things, so I finally got stressed out enough to develop an ulcer as I am an end-result driven personality. I like to see finished products.

    Some days I regret the decision to leave, and other days I remember how I would be driving home and would just think "what if I drove off the edge of this overpass, would it kill me quickly?". Yeppers, time for a career change. I went into the environmental industry and LOVED it but wrecked a company truck, broke my neck, shoulder and ribs and was fired. So is it all because I couldn't take comfort in a job well done, or am I just NUTS? LOL I think it's a little of both, especially since I am on disability now.
  • Like all Coach Dean's articles, this one gives motivation with humor and a better way to look at life! Great!
  • Totally awesome article, love your style of writing and sharing, laughed out loud about the girls jumping rock to rock passing you, awesome of you to share that, reminds me that we have to keep a sense of humor about all of this stuff!
  • Great article. Just wish my manager would read it and realize having a purpose is necessary for a more productive and satisfied worker. Mine says "just do it because I said so" after telling me "we won't be using the information for anything". My time could be much better utilized.
  • This was a great article. Even in drudgery, we can find something special about what we are doing. I recently returned to my hometown to care for my mother and haven't set my mind to finding all the positives in this new life. I think this piece has given me a push in the right direction. Prior to the move, I had been underemployed and while the pay stunk, I really was able to feel good about the hard work I was doing. Now I just need to transfer that attitude to the hard work it is taking to care for mom.

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