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Movie Theater Snack Attack!

Two Thumbs Up or Blockbuster Diet Disaster?


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  • I love movie theatre popcorn but hardly ever go to the movies and last time I went the popcorn was just not as nice as it used to be
  • We watch our movies at home and have air popped corn.
  • wonder why I can eat so much Popcorn and not feel stuffed like I do when I eat a burger with the same calories..1300 cal is mt daily in take
  • And to think I use to down a box of candy without thought.
  • Dry cereal? Something so simple, that I can portion control from home. I've taken in PB&J on w/w before, as well as a La Croix, and dried fruit and cashews.

    Game over if I purchase a movie popcorn, so I stay away. Now I have confirmation of my worst fears, movie popcorn is a wellness nightmare!
  • Thanks, no popcorn since last year.
  • Interesting information.
  • I had no clue the nachos had that many calories...I always thought maybe 800, but never thought over 1,000!!!! Well, next time, I'll just split them between 3 people!
  • I never go to the movies.
  • I never go to the movies.
  • Frecklepup- glass bottles for water can be a problem because they can break when you're out and about. I'm very sensitive to plastics and can't stand drinks packaged in soft plastics. But the bottled water I get when needed (usually I filter my own, can't drink unfiltered tap water) is filtered by a soda company and their plastic bottles don't bother me at all (Aquafina works for me, they use activated carbon and reverse osmosis which is the same as is done by my home filtering unit) . So leaching varies according to the material used and according to how long the liquid is in contact with the bottle. If you are refilling the bottle frequently, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If I can't taste it, with my sensitivity, that's a good sign. But you also can get stainless steel bottles specifically for transporting water around. I hate the taste of metal, though, so I actually prefer a hard plastic.
  • When I was a kid in ancient times, picking the longest lasting movie snack was an artform. I remember even eating jujubes even though I didn't like them much, because they took forever to eat! So that's one option, choose something that you can't eat fast... When I was an adult, my brother treated me to the very first Star Wars movie that had just come out. I assumed an "action film" would be boring, so I got a big tub of popcorn to keep me busy. The tub went home with me, untouched, because I got interested in the film so much so fast. When a movie is really good, I don't want to eat. So another option is to always pick a movie that is too interesting to get distracted by munching.
  • I have some other alternatives. At the movies, you can get a bottle water instead of a soda. Also, if you buy a large popcorn you can ask if they can give you a small popcorn bag and you can put your share of the popcorn into the bag. Better yet, bring yourself a small bowl or zip lock bag and put the measure amount into that small bowl or zip lock bag. I have done this as of recently and find this works. I get myself a large bottle of water at the concession stand and then a large popcorn and ask if they hand me a small or kid size popcorn bag so I can put my portion of the large into the bag. Works out great for me.

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