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Carbohydrate Adjustments for Exercisers with Diabetes

What to Look for Before You Exercise


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  • Great article. Packed with good information. Thanks SP!
    Helped explain some info.
  • Thanks for the article
  • If you can't pronounce it, you probably shouldn't be eating it.
  • I am learning a lot. Thank You, SparkPeople .
  • I have been a type 2 diabetic for several years but am still struggling with denial. I set a lot of small goals and one not so small - to lose 130 lbs. But I like Dacia73's goal even more and will add it to mine. That is to get off diabetic medication all together. This chart is very useful in drawing attention to carbs contained in foods.
  • DACIA73
    I'm very excited to be apart of this group. I made the commitment to change my life and get off my insulin for good. This is my first short term goal on my long journey and I can't wait to share my failures and victories along the way. Good luck and I wish you much strength and courage on your own journeys. Remember, the only one standing in your way of success is you!
  • ELLE2013
    I am not sure how this site will work for me, and if people are still reading this, but I sure could use some insight as I learn to live with and beat Type 2 diabetes. So, I am looking forward to reading how you are succeeding at weight loss and glucose control.
    I'm so excited that I found this awesome group of people, who can understand the same things that I'm going through with my weight, and the hard road it's been, I want to live and do things I've never done because of my weight, and to start living my life and making future plans. I cant wait to get started on my future, And I have others to be right there with me, we understand each other and hopefully I may be able to help some else along the way!!! yeah!!!
  • Just want to say good luck to all of you., I wish you all the best . I joined this group to learn more, for the past five months my test have come out borderline, my doctor said if I can't get it down she will put me on pills. I am really going to try to avoid that.
    I have Diabetes Type 1 and I am struggling not even with my weight, but my glucose levels from high to low ! It is frustrating .... I absolutely love this article and this site as well. Tomorrow is my first day on diet, so wish me luck ;)
    This is very helpful. I do 1 hr on the elliptical every day and often feel a little shaky afterwards. Its so hard not to run for the first high-carb thing I see afterwards. Maybe carbing up a little before my workout will help.
  • I am so excited about this info. I now know how to treat all the low BS I've been having since I have been exercising! I thought I just needed to increase proteins, but I now see that I should consume a carb before activities. My snacks are very important and I need to eat them at the times they are scheduled (my own schedule). I have a bad habit of pushing food off when I am feeling ok - getting preoccupied or busy.
  • I hate those nasty lows. Now I know how to avoid them. Thanks!

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