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Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

Manage Glucose, Lose Weight, and Reduce Complications


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    This article make me think I' was diabetic as a teenager although I am diagnosed as pre-diabetic now. I got many of these symptoms when exercising including black outs after exercise. Hmm. Doctors didn't think much when i complained about my symptoms. Maybe because I was so underweight.
  • This morning my blood sugar was 85, did a two mile walking tape, WATP's, and checked my numbers again and it was at 123. Other days I am at 123 and after walking it is down in the 85-100 range. The pattern I see different in these reactions is my intake of food. It will raise when I exercise at the end of a fast over night, and lower after a small meal with protein. When you do not have enough glucose in your system, your body starts using your fat to produce glucose, to raise the blood sugars to keep you balanced and able to move and do all the body functions it needs to do, that is why the body stores it. I am no doctor, it is only the patterns that I see, I may not have the technical terms, but I know how my body responds, and that may not be the case for everyone. We are our own best advocates to health. Keep studying your body, the issues, side effects of the medicines you take, awareness is key!
  • Type 2 diabetic, I have found stress raises my numbers. I have been off meds for 5 years - 5 years since I have worked in the workplace. Now I have to stop watching newsprograms (live in USA) I can't stop the mess in govt, those in power have to do that. I have, however, called my US Senator and voiced my concern. In my own small way, I am trying to preserve what was wonderful before election day. I am determined not to ruin my health.
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 10 years ago. Way back when, when I was in my early 20s I was told I had prediabetes. I was very fit, very active and ate well at the time. In my late 40s it caught up with me.

    My diabetes had progressed quickly and I was on 7 injections a day, 5 of insulin and 2 of Victoza. And I gained weight because as my endo said, insulin definitely can cause weight gain in Type 2s. I could never get my A1C below 7.

    Thanks to my doctor I'm now on only 2 injections of Victoza, have lost 30 pounds (need about 20 more to get to ideal weight) and am coming off my blood pressure meds. She expects my to be off of Victoza by October and she expects my diabetes to be completely reversed.

    I had been on every diet around, and this doc gave me the strictest I've ever been on. The fact that she took me off mealtime insulins right from the start what a huge motivator for me to stick with it. Then the 2x/daily long acting insulins were removed. And it's enough to keep me going for the rest of my life.

    Talk to your doctor about diet. They may be able to help.
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 over a decade ago. So far, I've been on oral meds, but my A1c has slowly gone up, along with my weight. Finally getting serious about control by cutting down on fried and sugary foods and adding more fruits and veggies. Also exercising, tho I'm having to start VERY slowly due to an old injury and an underlying Mast Cell disease. In addition, I've noticed my blood sugar goes wonky when I exercise. Some days up. Some days down. I haven't figured out a pattern. Is this normal?
  • I've been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in the last couple of weeks. It is overwhelming. Then, you realize how life threatening it is. And how serious it is! Although it has answered a lot of questions of signs from the past.

    The information on SparkPeople has been a real help. Online all I am getting to my questions is advertising. On Spark People I am beginning to get some real answers to some hard questions. Thanks Spark People.
  • I was diagnosed with type 2 a week ago. It can be a little overwhelming. I found this article really informative. I needed that!
  • Great article and very informative, now to impliment daily yet gradual since I haven't been active for over a year.
  • KOKO-Sky - the chart is linked to the last page of the article under: Carbohydrate Adjustments for Exercising Diabetics Chart
    I was disappointed with the article did not include the refernced chart showing glucose levels, exercise before and after hypoglycemic examples. This is why I was reading the article as the information in the article was very basic and I cant say I learned anything that I didn't already know.
    great article. I learned a lot.
  • My GP told me I should be power walking every single day for at least an hour each time. Hmm!

    Thanks for this article - very informative.
    My diabetic husband, 67, often works in the yard in the heat for hours at a time, not even stopping to eat or drink. It worries me sick, since I am at work and have no control over this craziness! I try to allow him to be responsible for his own diabetes control, but one of these days he will be in trouble and no one will be around to help. Diabetics,please think of your loved ones and seriously control your health. Life IS too short for carelessness!
  • Love the article.

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