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Allergy Tips for Every Season

Don't Let Symptoms Prevent You from Enjoying the Weather


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  • Thanks...will definitely use this...
    I use a neti pot during allergy season. My doctor said it will wash the allergens out of my nose. It does seem to help a lot and I don't get sinus headaches.
  • AREED78
    I didn't think about showering after I got back home, that would probably help. I spend all day outside sometimes, and my allergies get really bad. Changing clothes would be the best, I don't know why I never thought of that.
    I want to help my husband with his allergies. It's been a really hard year for him. I just want to make sure he's living okay this next year!
  • Here I always wondered how I could be allergic to my Christmas ornaments. Mystery solved. I quite decorating a few years ago and began going on fancy vacations over the holidays. The memories are easier to keep than another set of presents I don't really need!
  • Perfect timing for this article. With my son and I going to GA in two weeks, my concern is the different temperatures as well as pollen.
    Although I lived there for more than 15 years, I have been here in CA for almost 6 years.
  • Great article. Thanks for the tips.
  • Great article. Thanks for the tips.
  • Thank you for the helpful article! There are points I can use right away to help me.
    While cycling in the spring I have some pretty strong allergy symptoms - so as soon as I come home I change out of cycling clothes in the basement and shower immediately. I also use a netti pot and eye wash. Seems to help as much as allergy pills without the adverse reactions.
  • HJAMES1623
    Thanks for this article! My son has some pretty severe allergies and last spring we had to take him to a place for allergy specialty care in Orlando. They were really great to work with and even though it was scary they were very kind and calming while my son was having a reaction. Thanks for the tips!
  • Thanks for this article.Very well written and useful .
  • I've been having really bad allergies this year, so I really appreciate this information. I was actually sneezing while I was reading this! LOL! Hopefully my allergies will get better soooooon!!!
  • Thanks for all of the great suggestions!

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