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How to Run with Proper Form and Technique

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  • Why does the accompanying picture demonstrate bad running mechanics such as over striding, heel first foot strike and the centre of mass behind the foot strike with the knee locked?
    This is a very informative article.. Thank you for sharing. When I run or walk my feet don't always seem to come off the ground. I'm not sure the correct term for this.. But ik it's not good for my walk or jog.
  • I am so glad to hear there was a way to get rid of the side stitches. I thought it was just something I had to deal with until I became more fit. Same for the neck pain. Excited to try these techniques out tonight on my run!
  • RYAN092409
    I have to say that I am new to running and literally just started a week ago I ran 1.5 miles everyday for 5 days and was exhausted and breathing to hard that my throat would hurt. I started reading some articles and found that everything this article has in on different sites. So I slouched, had a long stride, and was chest breathing. On the sixth day I tryed all of these. I ran with my back straight and head up, this helped me with to belly breath. I also shortened my stride a bit. I went from 1.5 miles one day to 2.7 miles the next. I could have kept going but i was tired from a long day at work. This truly does help for the beginners. I used to get discuraged and quit running after a week due to lack of results but I am now excited to go for a run.
  • Before I had read this article I would walk/jog/run while breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. I would always get those side stitches so I will definitely practice the belly breathing. It'll be a challenge trying to focus on that while running but to not have those side stitches would be wonderful they always hold me back from continuing. I've also been having trouble with what exactly my foot strike should be I was running on the balls of my feet is that bad form though I'm still kind of confused by that. Great and very informative article though thanks a bunch!!
  • Great article. Getting the form right is a challenge but, adjusting the swing of my arms has helped. I will try fixing the face :)
  • Without meaning to sound disrespectful, I 'd be happy to just be able to RUN again
  • Thanks for the great read, Nancy. This is the second time I've read it and will continue to do so as a refresher in my journey. I've learned a lot from your contributions and guidance. All the best....Monty
  • Great article!! I'm just starting out and very guilty of the shallow breathing and always looking down. I have a hard time with looking up. Too much track work, I guess. I'm going to go down the list one at a time and work on each area. Thanks for the great article!
  • QTLOU1825
    i only wish i could run , i used to when i was younger ,, now that i am alone , the kids are gone, no man,, i cant do alot of things i used to do or want to do. i can walk a bit of distance, i wrecked my achillies tendon in my right foot, 10 yrs ago, and it didnt heal properly. Any suggestions? i also have arthritis in my low back, along with slight scoliosis. i can walk , but have to sit every so often.
    I read alot of running magazines, but I will tell you, I learned more this article then you could ever imagine and I have been running for decades. Awesome awesome article. Thank you!
  • Great article!! I'm just starting out and very guilty of the shallow breathing, which is my biggest struggle right now. I can handle a lot of soreness during a run, but I've got to breathe!!
  • I have gotten those "side stitches" while running and didn't know why. I will have to practice the belly breathing! Thanks for all the great info. I will print this and keep it for reference because it is a lot of great stuff to know.
  • Brilliant article! It makes me want to go for a run right now to try some new techniques out :)
  • What a wonderful article . . . thank you Nancy! You helped me realize that I've been running downhill incorrectly! I'm going to have to practice. :)

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