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Learn to Love Breakfast

Reasons to Make A.M. Eating a Habit


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  • Never miss it ever!
    Thanks for sharing
  • I have noticed that if I miss breakfast, my day of not mindless snacking is out the window.
    Excellent article.
  • I've been eating breakfast for some time now...but when I miss, it throws my whole day off to unwanted calories and binges. You want not to breakfast.
  • I love my breakfast, morning, noon, and night.
  • The best meal of the day.
  • I do love my breakfast. I don't function well without it.
  • Great article ... I always eat breakfast!
  • Thank you for the reminder!
  • I love breakfast so it isn't a problem to whip something up and sit down and enjoy it. But, like many others, there are mornings when I am just running late. So I have plans for those mornings. One of the healthier nut and grain bars with some cheddar cheese can easily be eaten as I drive to work, along with a bottle of water or a carton of skim milk. (I don't like juices and would take a diet coke before one of them). An apple and cheese or a banana and a handful of raisins and nuts also ensure that I am not setting off in the hungry mode that leads to inefficiencies and snarliness . . . it's easy to have these items stockpiled for those mornings but setting things out the night before (except for the cooking) also cuts down on the sense of conflicting needs crisis.
  • The portion of this article I considered most astounding was this: "Blood tends to become "sticky" overnight, making it more prone to clots in the morning. According to researchers at Canada’s Memorial University in Newfoundland, eating breakfast "unsticks" your blood. Skipping breakfast triples the blood’s clot-forming potential—and the risk of morning heart attacks and strokes. Recent studies have also found that cold cereals fortified with 400 micrograms of folic acid help curb homocysteine, a blood factor that boosts the risk of heart disease and strokes."
  • Its a good thing I love breakfast due to sugar is low in morning. My body really makes me suffer if skip it. The usual is avocado on toast with herbal tea since am up at 5am. When back from first bus run, I will do a wee bit more using a protein and milk.
  • Had breakfast worked out & went to sleep. Now time you to eat.... it was so yummy
    I love breakfast

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