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Learn to Love Breakfast

Reasons to Make A.M. Eating a Habit


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Thank you for the reminder! Report
Might need to start shakes in the morning now that I’m lactose intolerant. So many carbs have milk in them or beg for butter on them. The shake with fruit sounds yummy Report
I love breakfast!! and it starts "my engine" going in the morning, just like gasoline starts a car..hee hee! Report
I love my breakfast, it helps me start my day of right. Report
Thanks to SP, breakfast has become a ritual, and I'm loving it. Great article. TY. Report
I never miss breakfast! Even if its only a protein shake or a yogurt! Report
I love breakfast Report
I get up early so I can have a quiet unhurried Healthy enjoyable breakfast every day. Report
I agree, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Report
Breakfast makes the day a great day. Report
Breakfast is the most important. Report
Breakfast is my favourite meal. I guess I learned as a child. My mother always had a healthy breakfast ready when I got up for school. But that was a different time back in the 50's. Report
I always eat breakfast and thank you for some great suggestions. Report
Great ideas! Thanks! Report
So I guess in retrospect my classmate\s grade 10 scarfing of a whole pack of Swiss Rolls was justified (just kidding about my comment - he really did though ) Report

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