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How to Help Someone Who is Depressed

Encourating Your Loved One to Get Help


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I was clinically depressed for years, and on various medications. When it threatened my marriage, I asked my family doctor for referral to a psychiatrist. Four weeks of assessment followed by a 12-week course of cognitive behavioural therapy gave me insights which I’d never had before. I will be on medication foe the rest of my life, but am happier, healthier and more productive than ever before.

If you are depressed, ask for professional help. There is no shame in hacing a mental illness, and there is lots of help available. Report
This is a great article.. I deal with depression on a daily basis and it can be very lonely Report
This was a really good article and gave lots of useful tips. Thank you for this well written article! Report
Great article Report
How nice if all depressed individuals would get the help needed--- but reality is that help cannot be forced on anyone. If the depressed person rejects help or therapy, then the family members are left to cope with the "circumstances"--- This article says to keep in mind not to take personally the things the depressed person says or does.
BUT small children cannot think in this "adult" way, and little children often suffer terrible consequences from depressed parents. Circumstances can be very harmful to the development of children. Many times intervention is needed for the welfare of children, and this "rescue" never happens. . ---- Please, I suggest that the professionals in the mental health field place a greater emphasis on "child victims" of depressed parents. It is indeed a serious matter. What about the children---?. Report
This is a very good article. I was diagnosed in Jan. with bipolar, and actually went because my boss kind of forced me hinting that my job might not be secure if I didn't as it was affecting my work a lot. My sister tried to get me to get help earlier but I thought I could handle it on my own. I think we think that a lot, I'm ok, I can handle it, its just the blues. I'm glad that I got help. I had several other times I was just diagnosed with regular depression, but I'm pretty sure it was bipolar all along. Sometimes its hard to know the difference. I still have my ups and downs, but I'm doing better. Thanks for this article. Report
As a person who has had to cope with depression most of my life, I feel that everyone should read this article. So many people know someone who has struggled with depression... a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker... and having basic information on how to help would be helpful & reassuring. Thanks for a great article. Report

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