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Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!


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Great article. Being mindful helps me to be positive and optimistic. Report
Great advice - but it was very hard for me to follow (or even see the value of) when I was trapped in a negative pattern. Just changing my attitude has made such a remarkable difference - but it didn’t happen overnight. I started with just one aspect of my life (weight) and gave it all I had. After some success with that, I started applying those lessons to other areas. Complaining gets you nowhere - but positive attitude and some work can make a huge difference if you let it. Wish i’d figured that out sooner, but glad I eventually did get it! If you’re feeling trapped try getting out of your own way! Report
good points Report
Make it a priority all day long. No one said it was going to be easy. Report
Always a timely article. Remember to pay it forward. Report
Making this a vow to be more optimistic throughout my day. I have a habit of seeing the negative in things instead of realizing how incredibly blessed I truly am :) Report
great article Report
If there is something greater than you, you can be optimistic Report
Thank you Report
I'd like to think I can change but dumping all the abuse and aftermath gets tough and bogs me down, but I still try. Often feel like a failure, but I try. Just keep trying. Report
Great article. Thank you! Report
thanks Report
I thank god for all my blessings! Report
It takes work to always see the positive Report

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