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The Causes of Allergies

Most Factors are Out of Your Control


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  • It seems so strange but there were no risk factors for me to develop allergies yet I have too many to count if you add related products and foods. Healthy foods like tomatoes, peppers, bananas, tree fruits, tree nuts, beans and peas, soy, squash, eggs and milk are just a few of my "sensitities" If I handle tomatoes, I get a rash. If I eat them, I never know when I'll get a reaction like vomitting and diariah. Oops, I forgot shellfish. I had a severe reaction a couple of weeks ago where I woke up in the morning with my eyes swollen shut and a swollen face.
    I am a child of the '40's and '50's so I was nursed for almost a year. My mother wouldn't allow any pets and my favourite thing to do was make mudpies.
    My conclusion? Some people have all the luck. lol - 12/3/2012 3:58:18 PM

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