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Getting Rest with RLS

Control Restless Legs Syndrome to Sleep Better



3/11/2014 6:28:27 PM

I have tried many things for RLS with the exception of prescription medication.
Something that seems to work for me a majority of the time is a couple tablespoons of yellow mustard before stretching. I read about the mustard on a website with multiple other "natural" remedies.
I know that antihistamines exacerbate my problem so try to do without.

Having read all the comments here, I am grateful to the poster who talked about diet soda.
I have recently been in a "good" period the last several months and had not associated my relief from significant symptoms to having reduced my diet soda intake to 3 cans or less per week and watch what type of 'sweetner' is in the tea I drink.

Soap bars did nothing for me.
Thanks all.


3/10/2014 9:28:02 AM

DEBBY4576's SparkPage
I stopped aspartame. I was a diet coke addict. RLS is gone now. I still drink coffee.


1/10/2014 6:37:23 PM

I was on Effexor and determined that was adding to my RLS. I also advise taking your allergy pill in the morning. For me taking it at night also exacerbated my symptoms.


12/16/2013 10:17:38 AM

I am a Massage Therapist. RLS is mainly caused by toxin build-up in the legs. Tell your Massage Therapist to work along the Tibialis Posterior Muscle. It is very painful initially, but diminishes as gentle work, on the area, is performed, and will eliminate the problem for several weeks. Drink lots of fluid after your massage to flush out toxins. Much better than medicine!


5/2/2013 9:43:29 AM

JUST-DUCKY's SparkPage
I found something that helps with RLS and it seems crazy! An older lady I work with told me to put 2 bars of soap under my bottom sheet at the foot of the bed and it would help my RLS. It REALLY does! I have no idea why. I have researched to find out, but no one knows why it works. Try it, what can it hurt? You'll be amazed!


9/2/2012 8:11:15 AM

DGFOWLER's SparkPage
I deal with RLS. I was placed on Sinemet 25-100. It works very well. I also just started sleeping with a bar of soap under my sheets since it has been known to help others and I figured it doesn't cost as much as the medication and if it works it would be worth the investment.


3/13/2012 4:38:39 AM

KATEM31's SparkPage
I'm so glad that I only get this occasionally. It is so aggravating! I don't know what I'd do if I had it frequently.


2/7/2011 12:51:49 AM

Good article..I remember when the only place you'd hear about RLS was on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast AM " late night talk show! Right up there with big foot, alien abductions, and conspiracy theorists! Between working out, Requip, and nightly ibuprofen, I've got mine pretty much under control, but I think I might start adding nightly yoga to the mix.


10/1/2010 4:02:58 AM

I have been dealing with restless legs for many years my Mother and 2 Sisters have it also. I have it the worst. Sometimes it starts at the hip and works it way down to my ankles. I am currently taking requip. There are days that the requip doesn't work that well. In my research I found out that salt is your worst enemy for RLS. I have taken to a low sodium diet and that helps. I notice that when I do have more sodium my legs do terrible. My legs sometimes crawl even during the day. My next step I am looking into is accupuncture. It's very expensive, but I want to see if it will help. I would love to someday get off the meds.


12/3/2009 11:45:55 AM

LLB1576's SparkPage
The best immediate remedy I have found is 2 ibuprofen. Sounds simple but it works every time.


11/12/2009 9:01:01 PM

My RLS started during my first pregnancy 25 years ago. Thankfully it is now recognised. Night flying is particularly difficult, I cannot sleep at all! The product 'Restful Legs' does help at times, it is available off the shelf. Walking the golf course means I have a bad night! Other exercise helps sleep.


5/2/2009 10:16:46 AM

MARILEW's SparkPage
I have RLS to accompany my fibromyalgia...what a literal "pain". I also find that the more tired I am when I lay down...the worse the RLS is! I hope I can find some relief on this site :)


2/20/2009 11:43:43 PM

I've been dealing with RLS since I was a baby. My Dad has it so he recognized what the problem was right away. There really aren't that many treatments that work 100% other than stretching. I stretch every night before bed. Also I've heard that putting a bar of soap under the covers next to your legs helps some people. This remedy didn't work for me cause I would kick it away but I've heard raving reviews from those it did help. Maybe it will help some of you.


2/15/2009 3:13:10 AM

WALLOWA's SparkPage
I temporarily had to deal with it as a side effect of a medication. The medication worked but the leg movement was extreme. Stopped when I stopped it (the pills). Side effect management!!!!!


2/8/2009 2:24:06 AM

I have dealt with RLS and it is enough to drive one crazy! Although it's not really 'painful', it is irritating and annoying, and can make me want to scream and cry. I have tried both Mirapex and Requip which seem to work, but would cause major sleepiness the next day. Now I take a muscle relaxer around 8 pm, and find that this works as well as the other medicines.

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