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Outdoor Adventures Fit for Families

Get Out & Get Active as a Family


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  • My plan is to incorporate some of these ideas on my next vacation, thanx!
  • These are great suggestions!!
  • These are some very good ideas
  • Some really great ideas!
  • It's just me and my husband
  • I love spending time outside with my lil man
  • some days we look for rocks, or different kinds of trees, or just try a new way of walking around the neighborhood. a magnifying glass also works wonders
  • TMOORE I agree with you. I love to chop wood. Mow the yard. Go out into my garden plant stuff and wait to see it grow and then I can pick it.
  • Funny thing about a park as your own gym. It can creep out the mom's of the toddlers who are there if you are there without any kids. I know one guy who was doing his chin ups, etc. A child asked him for some help on the bars. He helped and the mom rushed him screaming at him to stay away from her child and that she was going to call the police on him for being a pedaphile. So.. beware if you don't have a child with you, don't talk to the kids there without their adult's permission.
  • For every family event I have at my home I now try to incorporate some kind of physical activity, or they'll just sit & eat & drink & I worry about them all. A few weeks ago was my daughter's birthday, so I created Championship charts for all kinds of activities - Wii Sports, DDR, push-ups & exercise band/weights, board games, thumb wrestling, badminton, and whatever any of the guests wanted to challenge someone else too. No prizes for no participation. I guess it was successful.. hard to tell with those lazy bums! (Regifting works well for prizes, too, as long as you don't re-gift something one of your guests gave you!)
  • Couldn't agree more! Trampolines are great (and exhausting). I also like to chop wood with my sons, everyone has fun and gets a good workout.
  • Buying a trampoline was the best thing I did for my kids to go outside and exercise. They wore out two big ones over the years.
  • Want a great outdoor activity to do with your kids? Try Geocaching! I plan to start this summer with my girls. People all over the world hide "boxes" with trinkets and notes in them. If you go to you can find them near your home or vacation spot. You need a GPS unit to track them down but its a great investment for an activity the whole family can do together!
  • this is a great article. It is important for the whole family to get exercise and also have fun at the same time .Plus for free if needed.

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