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What is Pre-Diabetes?

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention


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    Appreciate the pre-diabetes info
  • Very informative
  • I've been in the pre-diabetic stage for about five years. Unfortunately, I've concentrated more on my academics (I'm a grad student entering the last year) than my own wellness, to my own detriment. Although I've kept my A1C under 6.4, I know that every year means I could be closer to a D2 diagnosis.

    Now is the time. This is my journey to wellness, #40toFebruary. How can I become a health educator without knowing success? My experience will serve as an example.
  • My husband has diabetes. The information in this article is spot on. Please, follow through with the information that you have learned. You'll be thankful in the long run!
  • Lots of good information. Thank You!
  • Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal,
    and not in reaching it.
    - Mohandas Gandhi
  • diabetes is a bad disease, my DH has it and takes shots in his stomach every day
    Diabetes is a growing and troubling problem. This article is right on the money, people need to be educated. Sometimes slight modifications can do a world of good to improve this "diabetes sentence" of life. I try to research and make changes, and thankfully I've gotten my blood sugar under control. Our body types are different, but an excellent article I found was
    hy-diabetes-diet/, an in depth review of diabetes, and prediabetes.
  • SARAH12315
    Is pre-diabetes always connected to type 1? or directly to type II? because when I read about diabetes, type II diabetes is commonly hereditary and once you have it, you really have it. But in that case, is it useful to take supplements? like this one:
  • I goofed on my note. I meant I'm going to keep a journal so I know what I'm eating.
    I hope it works.
  • I just found out I am Pre Diabetic also. I like you note. It's hard because my husband in D-2 and I have a bad time trying to make him stay away from the sweets. I have to lose 15 lbs. I have leg problems! Not from the diabetes though. I'm going to keep a lot on what I eat and hope I lose weight and get it under control. Please, you all keep you fingers crossed for me.
  • I just started a pre-diabetes class and they stress fat and calories more than carbs. This was strange to me. but I am losing weight by watching my fat and calories. What is everyone's thinking on this?
    There is a lot of controversy in the medical community with the use of this term. Many dismiss it all together. The same goes for 'Syndrome X.' Promoting health for health's sake is great, but the research needs to be there and there needs to be agreement within the medical community.
  • My eating sweets is out of control. I have cut way back, but still crave them. This article was very informative. Thank you.
    Irish Ei
    Very informative articles

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