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Carbohydrate-Counting Chart for People with Diabetes

A Single-Serving Reference Guide


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    White v whole grain bread - I think the chart is misleading in that it gives carb values but does not differentiate between white and whole grain bread. This is a 2009 article, and I think there has been some new thinking on how to manage the carbs.
  • This chart will be invaluable to me. I will put it on the fridge and have instant information when making a meal and plating it.

    Thank you so much,
    My only thing is I was told to stay away from all cereals period.
  • Thank You for a great article.
  • Thank you for the chart. Very helpful!
  • I wish I could have a weekly menu to help me distribute these carbs over the day and over the week. I am eating the "right stuff" but my portions are too large. And I am frequently "out and about" on errands and would like to know some good portable snacks.
  • Nice to have the carbs chart for quick reference.
  • Frozen meals have all the information right on the package; look at the salt content You will be surprise. You can look up the nutrition value on google Just type in i.e Nutrion information on carrots. Hope this helps
  • Very helpful chart.
  • I eat Lean Cuisine's at Supper, I also have 1 or 2 green vegetables & a fresh fruit. How do I count this as for as carbs. I'm thinking the fruit would be one carb & the vegetables would be 0 carbs. But how do you count the Lean Cuisine? This one might be easy, it's a Chicken Breast, white rice, tarragon sauce, and green beans. Chicken Breast is 0 carbs & green beans is 0 carbs again. But Monday Night
    I'm having Spaghetti with Meatballs. It has Spaghetti Sauce, I'm thinking that has 0 carbs, because
    there's not that much of it. What do ya' all think? I hope you have a Blessed Day on the Lord's Day! LYL!
  • This is helpful information, but difficult to read. Is it possible to reformat the chart itself to print only that information in a larger font, or to save it as a separate file so that one could tweak font type and boldness and size to the level we need? Thanks!
  • Not diabetic, but the chart is helpful just for carb counting!
  • this chart is very helpful. I will be printing it off and keeping it handy.
  • I am on a keto low carb diet to control my diabetics . I have only been on it for 16 days and my sugar reading has gone from 250 to 180 in 2 weeks. Just by watching my carbs.

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