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Carbohydrate-Counting Chart for People with Diabetes

A Single-Serving Reference Guide


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    I am where many of you are., I am a newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic, I also have NAFL (non alcohol fatty liver) I've been on this group and they insist on the low carb/high fat way of living, but I cannot bring myself to accept this as being healthy. I have seen my sugars coming down from 9.3 to an average of 5 or 6 in about 4 weeks, (diagnosed Dec 23/13) I do have some carbs, but have not seen a dietician yet. I see her in Feb.
    I am uncertain what numbers pre-meal determine diabetes. Depending on what doctor you see, the numbers vary. My numbers are over 100 now and I am beginning to get worried about being pre-diabetic. Also, how high should your numbers be post meal.
    how many carbs should a person consume on a 1200 calorie diet
    oh my god! i think im going to have a melt down. Type 2 diabetis and just been put on insulin and im just getting headaches thinking bput counting carbs, i thought eating things like salads ect would have no carbs aarrgghhhhh help
    How many carbs should a person with type 2 diabetes consume on a daily basis?
  • I hope I can follow this program. It looks like it could be easier than I thought.
  • JLKL1980
    I had to reduce my screen print size to 75% before I could see the print button on the bottom left side of article. Hope it helps everyone!
    All those people asking about a print out of this chart, you must know someone that has a printer!!!! just send the page or article to them and have them PRINT it out for you.
    also I would suggest finding out where your diabetes centre is in your city , they have lots of information sheets for you...
    With all the "tips" and other articles I just don't know what is the best route. I mean, I know to count carbs and keep up with insulin levels but I just don't seem to catch on.
  • DAVEN1969
    everybody talks about carbs and fat content. i watched these and my blood pressure went up because the sodium content in a lot of the low carb foods is outrageous
  • Great article. Carbs are my downfall, bread especially!
  • Over-consumption of sugar causes diabetes:

    Eliminate the sugars, the simple starches (white flour), increase your fat, and you will lose weight and manage your diabetes better.
  • What good is a list of mostly junk foods? Go no-sugar, no-wheat, low-carb, high fat and watch your diabetes numbers improve.
    I have been diabetic for 35 years and I haven't died yet because of eating healthy foods -- fruit, and whole grain bread. I keep track of the carbs and keep within the limit (usually). I have no idea what you eat but overdoing it on protein is hard on the kidneys which is also at risk for a diabetic. I know a diabetic who was on the Aitkens diet -- lost lots of weight, died of kidney failure. I was diagnosed with kidney disease 30 years ago and finally the renal specialist told me not to go back because there was just no change in my kidney function. No one said to eat a bushel of apples or a whole loaf of bread in a day. Eating sensibly and getting all the daily required nutrients is what it is all about.
  • great article, sensible portions, eat all food groups...stay out of center isles in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein

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