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Types of Arthritis

Comparing 3 Common Arthritic Conditions


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  • I deal with Fibromyalgia every day. I think working out and losing weight has helped a lot.
  • HelenLocklear,

    Sorry to hear you have Psoriatic Arthritis. Our conditions assess in the same family. Sadly.
  • Nicole,

    Actually, Ankylosing Spondylitis is more common than Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia combined. Yet three areZERO articles on Sparkpeople and ZERO groups.
  • Didnt have any ideal what was difference between the different types. Have Osteoarthritis. Told both knees need to be replaced. March had bone n foot reshaped, realined, and a plate put in to hold together. Twenty days later had same thing done to a finger. Tell people,"didnt fall, just falling apart!".
  • I recall banging my elbow at work about 7 years ago and being told by my GP who is generally quite good that I now had arthritis in it . Which ended up just bringing out mu Bullheadedness. It obviously couldn't have been arthritis or my saying to myself "screw you (albeit in a less polite form ) worked miracles as it doesn't bother me at all now.
  • I've already had both knees operated on, am having physical therapy for an irritated tendon in my hand, and have fibromyalgia and osteopenia. It's almost impossible to wear without warm-water therapy, i.e., water aerobics in a heated pool. Massage helps and cuddling under a heated blanket. It's really important to keep moving!
  • @HelenLocklear How can you tell the difference?
  • While I can certainly agree that Fibromyalgia is debilitating (as I have it) it isn't really like the other types of arthritis in that it isn't degenerative.

    Just learning about all this myself. I had both hips replaced in October of 08 and it was entirely necessary. I had no cartilage left on either hip joint. Only got the diagnosis of OA 4 months previous to that.

    Fun and games.
  • Thanks for the well written article, it was very informative.
  • BETTS5591
    I have Osteoarthritus In both knees I get shots from a bone specialist every 3 months or longer the shot is called...Xylocaine Depo Medrol. He doesn't believe in surgery unless the patient needs it, These help me tremendously for me!
  • Your article was very interesting and you had good information. I have the kind that affects my knees. i have worn out the cartilege in both of my knees. So I will need surgery to rebuild my knees, which I hope to get soon.Keep up the good work
  • nice article somewhat interesting but could use more detail
    The article was well presented .
    It was good to see that Fibromyalgia was included.
    It is such a debilitating disease..
  • there is one arthritis type missing from your article. It's the one I have which is arthritis due to having pysorisis ( skin condition). It would be helpful to have information about that.

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