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Exercising with Seasonal Allergies

Don't Let Allergens Interfere with Your Workouts


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  • Walking releases natural anti-histamines and naturally decongests me ... and in the cold weather, or I guess when it's tree pollen season, not sure which, but frequently my eyes will water and I look like I'm crying. So I just have to bring a handkerchief or paper towel, something to wipe my eyes with... just have to go and deal with the side effects...
  • Great information Thank you for sharing
  • Great tips! Thanks!
  • Allergies do make exercising a challenge sometimes, but these are great suggestions to deal w/being able to exercise w/your allergies.
  • Thank you for all the good suggestions and information.
  • Great advice during this allergy season! Thanks
  • I sometimes have to work out with a cloth mask when allergy season is in full bloom (literally) to protect myself. This is true even in a gym.
    This is going to sound crazy but I started using nasal filters. I had heard about them and researched them online. The ones I got are called WoodyNose but there are others. It takes a few days to get accustomed but I can go out now and no sinus headaches!
  • 4++ dust allergy and a 4++ pollen allergy. I have to exercise inoutdoors lol

    A lot of other good suggestions though.
  • I just use my inhaler before every run (indoor and outdoor, because my seasonal allergies are year-round and indoor/outdoor) and bring lots of tissues in my spi belt.
    The only problem is that some of us have indoor and outdoor allergies. Simply switching locations doesn't always help. But this article has a lot of good tips I hadn't thought of!
    When my nose runs, I catch it - sometimes, I burn quite a few calories that way!
  • You should add giving up dairy products as a way to help reducing the affects of allergies. My allergies are very severe and this is one thing that has really helped me. Dairy products increase mucous production in the body, and if you've got allergies that's the one thing you don't need more of! I gave up dairy a year ago, and while my allergies didn't vanish, I had fewer really BAD days, and they were less severe. To me, that's a serious win!

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