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A Guide to Walking Meditation

Zen and the Art of Multitasking


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  • I, too, love to walk. Perhaps practicing the meditation routines by concentrating on the feet, etc., will help to prevent face-plants-in-the-asphalt.
  • I'd never seen this information. Thank you!
  • I love to walk so on Monday I will try it.
  • My son does meditation and has been encouraging me to join him. I shall share this article with him, for his comments, and also check out
  • MARCIE1455
    My father who is 77 years old has found a beautiful place with a little pond where he walks everyday. He always prays there. I got an opportunity to walk there with him and it was fabulous and very peaceful.
    off to try it now
  • I have been looking for instruction on meditation for months, and the link is wonderful! Finally! Thank you so much, SP!!!
  • I have been Pole Walking for a few years now.
    What a wonderful way to get exercise, time alone with your thoughts, & a chance
    to meet people.
    I usually walk 10 miles at a time at least 3 days a week.
    My poles take the stress off the knees, I have a great rhythm as I move along, I love being outside enjoying nature.
  • Great article. I plan to incorporate this into my activities.
  • I practice walking meditation naturally anyway, and as another member stated, that when walking with my dog it is much easier to be in the moment as animals are always living in the moment. Walking is my favourite activity, I feel so alive and love the effect the changing seasons has on everything. It also makes me feel how small and insignificant my problems are.
  • I've got a dizzy/balance problem now so am not doing walking meditation, but I highly recommend it. It was my favorite kind of meditation, especially in the woods or shore where you are surrounded by nature.
  • I was expecting this article to meditation through prayer, or spiritual music. However, I do understand the concept of experiencing the walk through the touch of feet to ground, etc. I may try a combination of both when the snow and cold finally pass, as we live in the country with lot of opportunity to walk safely and enjoy the blessing of the God given nature around us. Whatever works to get me exercising, is a plus! Thank you for sharing!
  • I walk while pushing a stroller, I'm wondering if the distractions of my children will allow the walking meditation to work. I guess I'll just have to try it and see ;)
  • I highly recommend checking out Carolyn Scott Kortge's book, The Spirited Walker. I think she has a website too. The full title is "Fitness Walking For Clarity, Balance, and Spiritual Connection" which pretty well sums it up better than I can. I liked it because it doesn't stress a particular belief system or religion & wasn't "New Age-y", just practical.

    I need to practice a LOT more, but I'm working on it!
  • I like the part about Feelings: about the association between your feelings and the following emotional response. I need to practice that.

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