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A Guide to Walking Meditation

Zen and the Art of Multitasking


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What an interesting concept. I have never heard of this before, but look forward to trying it. Report
I found this article at just the right time; I have the goal to walk daily (during sunlight hours, which is actually the most difficult bit about it!) _and_ to meditate daily. So: perfect combination!

I tried to look up (well, google) walking meditation before but didn't find descriptions which were helpful for me. This is just right: concise, informative, motivating and, hurray!, with useful links.

Thanks very much! Report
I really enjoyed this. You can do this almost anywhere. I don't think I would try it in downtown Detroit, but I live in a nice quiet community. I will definitely keep this in mind. Report
I loved your Blog and can hardly wait to reach another level with walking. Report
Several years ago, I tried Passage Meditation (memorizing Scripture and meditating on the words), but the idea was to empty the mind and sit still. I changed it for me, so it is not the authentic, but I started walking and doing the Passage Meditation. This has been very good for me; I do it first thing in the morning when I am alone and I find it both relaxing and invigorating. Report
This is a very powerful tool, and will continue to try to train this way. Particularly to the part about Feelings. Report
what a great reminder i have been doing this for several months after a spark friend challened me to give it try
Ok, I tried this while walking on my treadmill... Almost fell off! Report
Meditation is great for me! Report
I think I'm going to try doing this at work as it gets nicer. I get so stressed and feel so alone and like an outcast at work so maybe this will help with my mindset. Report
Good article. I tried this meditation walking n loved it. It was easy for me as I do meditation every day and while walking I always do naam smaran (repeating the name of my guru) hence this kind of awareness walking was refreshing for me :) Report
good share but to much work for me i just put on my shoes and head out the door enjoy the sites say my Rosary some days I can say two and walk my loop which is a mile. just getting restarted after winter and just doing the stationary bike in the gym or while the washer ran . Report
I mostly focus on posture when I walk, but as I do most of my walking at the beach, I'm also taking in my surroundings and enjoying the calmness and solitude of having very few people around me. Report
Been so focused on walking as exercise that I had forgotten the meditative part. I used to be part of a group that did Vipassana and incorporated that into a walking meditation. It was beautiful. Am grateful for the reminder that all my walking doesn't have to be only exercise. Report
I'm not sure if what i used to do is "walking meditation", but I know that I miss walking terribly and that I was always soothed for having walked. I could walk miles and miles without fatigue. I'm working up to being able to do that again.

I heard something in a video once that exactly what walking is for me: my body grows strong, and my mind relaxes. Report

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