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Summer Skin Savers

A Guide to 5 Summer Skincare Problems


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I didn't know they had shot now for poison ivy. I was still using the lotion. Thanks. Report
I have an issue with this line in the story:

"If you are prone to ingrown hairs, visit your dermatologist for advice and ask about options for permanent removal options, such as laser hair removal."

Laser hair removal is NOT permanent. It is only FDA approved for hair reduction. The ONLY approved method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis.

Other than that, excellent article :) Report
I bought some locally at a chain store (Zellers) some years ago and it did NOT work as advertised (I ended up going to a specialist and missing nearly a month of work on sick leave). Report
The Body Shop has a whole line of Tea Tree oil products. They sell the oil by itself and also sell other lotions and such with it in it.

I see no one has commented on ingrown hairs yet. I used to have a major problem with them. I found I have a hard time shaving so I bought an epilator and I haven't had any problems since! Report
Tea Tree oil is an aromatherapy oil use for first aid and skincare so you can normally find it in chemists, health stores and "New Age" type shops. Report
I've never heard of Tea Tree Oil.... Anyone know where I can find/get it?
MGAEDDERT, would you mind sharing your source? :) Report
Hi Arbonnegirl;
I would like to find this soap for a co worker, who's son suffers realy bad from poison ivy .
You said it was Burts Bees Poison Ivy Soap.
I live in Canada so is it sold here?
May be at a health food store.
Is it purchased on line as well.
Lynda Report
Regarding poison ivy. If you get it on your legs or feet, get rid of the shoes/socks you were wearing at the time. A few years ago, I was wearing sandals and inadvertently came into contact with poison ivy. I treated it with Zanfel, and it cleared up after a while. I couldn't wear those sandals because they rubbed my feet where I had the rash.

A couple of weeks later, after it had cleared up, I wore those sandals again - and got poison ivy again. I did not know that the oils from the poison ivy would stay on the leather straps of my sandals. Needless to say, the sandals went into the garbage!!! Report
I can second the comment re: Zanfel. It is the cure for poison ivy. Some pharmacies keep it behind the counter so if you don't see it on the shelf, ask for it. Note that Zanfel is very $15-20 per ounce of cream. HOWEVER, it is absolutely worth it!. Stops the itch and cures the poison ivy. If you've ever suffered through a bad, spreading case of poison ivy, you know how desperate you are for relief. You will love the Zanfel.

There are shots now for poison ivy desensitization.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD, has written some very helpful books on skin care.

Okay, this thing about poison ivy and "three leaves" drives me crazy. Like any plant of considerable size, poison ivy will have many more than three leaves. What's distinctive about it is that each leaf is divided into three sub-leaves. The technical term is "leafLETS."
The mnemonic from Girl Scouts is "Leaflets three, leave it be." BTW, this works for poison oak as well, the big difference here is pointed vs. rounded leaves; poison oak leaflets are rounded. It doesn't work for poison sumac AFAIK. Report
I found a great product to keep poison ivy from advancing after I've come in contact with it. (I live with it all around me!) Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap can be used repeatedly to dry it up. I never have more than a little spot or two. Before I found this soap, it would spread so badly on me that I would have to go to the doctor. I even believe that over the years of using the soap, I am not as allergic as I used to be. The soap does not show great results if you already have a bad case of Poison Ivy, but it might be soothing. It's best to prevent it from worsening. Report
Please don't use exfoliants with the plastic beads--they are indestructible and end up in the ocean taken up by small organisms and accumulate in the food chain. Choose organic exfoliant ingredients like oatmeal, nut kernels and fruit pit seeds, loofahs, etc. Report
Those suggestions for poison ivy might have been the best several years ago, but now there is Zanfel (and its generic- I'm not an ad) which cures poison ivy. As someone who is severely allergic, I feel the need to pass it on.


It's like someone had the genius idea to combine poison ivy meds that already existed with an exfoliating scrub so that the meds can actually get into the skin.

(But remember that a systemic outbreak will probably need steroids.) Report
I've heard the body/face scrubs with "micro beads" are terrible for the environment as the "beads" are made of plastic and just washed into the water supply and can leach their chemicals. Report

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