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31 Days to Better Sleep

A Tip of the Day Calendar for August or Any Month


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  • I really needed to read this article today! My sleep habits are very bad. Hopefully these tips will help me.
  • When my mind has trouble letting go I count back slowly from 50. Sometimes I have to count again but now it works the first time. When I have an overwhelming problem I pray and surrender it to God. Then I let go.
  • I worked hard to have good sleep patterns and I work hard to keep it that way.
  • LEWIS314
    really informative
  • Good article. But I sleep okay.
  • If I had a problem with sleep this would be very helpful. BUT....I do not have any trouble with sleeping. I DO take melatonin, and valarian root, calcium and mag at bedtime.
    Being a DAY sleeper due to my job, when I sleep during the day, I only take the valarian, ca and mag. I would have to say the BIGGEST help is that I program my subconcious....I NEVER say I HOPE I can sleep....I just accept that I will. MIND over matter....really makes a difference alot of times!
  • Good article, I found since coming back from Iraq, it is very hard to sleep, its' like I am waiting for something to happen. But I am working on it, still hard.
  • With days being longer, its tempting just to never give up. You've read my mind on the area I need to improve...SLEEP!!! P.S. good night.

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