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Common Myths about Happiness


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    This article is awesome and I wish some people in my family would read it. Happiness is a choice. What you choose to focus on. Get the negative mantras out of your head. Stop thinking I am not going to eat x anymore(some sugar fat filled substance) and start thinking that I'm going to eat an apple every time I grave x. Stop focusing on the past and start focusing on your progress. Happiness is a mindset. Choose it. You will be better for it.
  • Great article ... I would add that a new promotion or things can give you a short term happiness, but over the long term, you need that inner joy that will stick with you through tough times or good times.
  • This is a fabulous article. I agree that gratitude and acknowledging all the "little things" are what, in the end, equate to a life of satisfaction and a feeling of a life well lived. There are no small miracles. Every breath we take is a gift and a miracle in and of itself.
  • Knowledge, perception and attitude!
  • I love this article. I was just having this conversation with my husband yesterday. He keeps saying things to me about changing OUR lives, finding OUR happiness - and I keep trying to explain to him that I'm happy with my life, I'm doing what I choose to do and it works for me. Wishing for things I don't have, and probably can't have at this place in my life, just makes me unhappy; so why do it!
  • "Happiness is an inside job!" ~ William Arthur Ward
  • SARA-SMILE2017
    All so true! Thank you so much!
  • I need to work on this.
  • Great article and those are the things i practice these days and I feel wonderful. I just decided to be happy and I am.
  • I stumbled upon this article in what just might be the nick of time. I really needed these words today. I'm going to really try to put a positive spin on things, and write down the small joys each day. Thank you for this!
  • I am grateful for this article. I am one of those people who has a hard time staying in the present moment. I feel that too often I am either dreading what's coming in the future or looking back at the past and regretting choices I made or paths I took. I do keep bringing myself back to the present with the Serenity Prayer, but a mental shift from a negative outlook to a positive one takes daily practice. For me, it's just as important to write in my Gratitude Journal as it is to get in my daily walk! Thanks again!
  • Wow--some of these comments are so salty! I answered "I could be happy if..." with ", I already am!" and realized just how powerful that is. Sure, sad things happen to people and sadness will come and go, but happiness is truly a here-and-now thing and we have a great deal of control over our own well-being. Sadness is not the opposite of happiness, depression is (not clinical, but situational). As a nurse and a converted humanist/atheist with Buddhist leanings, it surprises me to see how many people just can't be happy wherever they are. I find happiness in my family, in helping the homeless, in driving to work, in morning coffee. It's there. Pay attention to it!
  • SAVVY28
    This is a great article. I never even thought about the stress my goals add to my life and thereby the happiness they're taking away. Not that goals are bad, but I tend to get so consumed by them that I'm abusively critical of myself every time I realize I haven't met my goals yet. :) Excellent post.
    I try to seek joy in the moments of each day, changing the introductory sentence to "I feel my (blank) WHEN:"

    Then I finish the phrase with things that make me feel positive emotions. For example:

    I feel my strongest when I finish a really tough workout.
    I feel most loved when I cuddle with my husband before bed.
    I feel most energized when I eat healthy food.
    I feel most at peace when I get to enjoy nature.

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