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Exercising to Build Strong Bones

Use the LIVE Approach


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  • I have been working out for over 30 years. I am 58. I have fibromyalgia, and connective tissue disease. I am totally convinced that I would not be feeling as well as I do without exercise! Exercise really does the body good
  • Glad I took the time to read this. Am 64 and thought I was doing enough for my bones. Do not have any issues now but using this info I certainly don't plan on any in the future.
  • I am so glad I have stayed active most of my life! Thank you for reminding me that variety is important too.
  • I take vitamin D, but cannot tolerate calcium. Love the ideas to build stronger bones through exercise.
  • Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.
    - Abraham Lincoln
  • I had no idea gardening was considered a good workout! I sweat a lot, so it does make sense
  • Good article with good tips!!
  • This article was very helpful, thanks
  • Great article, with great information !
  • I am 63 and had my first bone density test done last year. My NP had to call to double check as they said I had the bones of a 25 year old! Now my joints are bad with arthritis and I had a right knee replacement 3 years ago. BU this said, riding my bike for over 40 years has helped to make my bones good.
  • Thank you, very interesting. Too bad that all the 'load bearing' exercises require a person to walk or to be able to stand... those with foot complaints may have a problem with those. But glad to see there's other things we can do!
  • I am in the process of changing all of my exercise routines - away from aerobic, trying to incorporate more strength and balance. I'm 53, but am post-menopausal for 12 years now. Formally diagnosed this year with osteoporosis in left hip, neck and back (arthritis, too) - and osteopenia in other hip. I'm avoiding Foxamax --- hoping that changing my exericse and the Calcium/Vit D therapy helps me improve. I'm sad, because I used to do a LOT of gardening ... now, having two jobs keeps me inside most of the time. THANKS for the info and article!!
  • At turning 62 years old I just had my first bone density test. I have been a bike rider for years, riding approximately 50 miles per week. I do it simply to burn calories so I can eat more (I'm being honest) and stress relief (I have a pretty stressful family situation). My Nurse Practitioner was surprised with the results of the test and double checked the results before calling me. I have the bones of a less than 30 year old! I don't feel that young, but riding works!

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