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Homemade Beauty Recipes for Skin

Natural Treatments for Face & Body


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  • WOW...good to know....thanks!!!
    I am allergic to many "essential" oils, be careful of them......
  • Wish someone had a good home remedy for the bags under my eyes; it's pretty bad when your BAGS are getting bags! (and yes, I've tried placing cucumber slices or used teabags over them; doesn't do anything, except that they looked somewhat WORSE afterwards.)
  • Smile. It's contagious!
    I have skin allergies and can't seem to use fancy soaps. Thank goodness for Octagon soap! It gets the job done without all the dryness and itching! It is hard to find though.
    I recently began buying Dr. Bonner's soaps again after a lapse of many years and love it. It looks expensive when you see it on the shelf but I find it's extremely concentrated. I use it as an everyday body wash diluted two parts soap to one part water; one little squeeze on a bath poof provides lots of luxurious suds.

    If you go online, you'll find a hundred different ways people use Dr. Bonner's. I personally have found that, full strength, it's the ONLY thing that gets my pesky smooth cooktop clean. Go figure: gentle enough to wash dry skin but somehow strong enough to get off cooked-on gunk.
  • Truly organic. Thanks for the homemade facial tips.
  • Just got my Xmas gift ideas for the Aunts! Thanks!!!
  • EVIELOU1408
    My skin feels dry and I'm glad I can make my own.
  • I love seeing all these homemade facial treatments made with natural products. About 12 years ago i got really into making all my own hair,skin,body products using all natual unscented base products and adding my own selection of essental ouls and other stuff to them. I created so many I wrote the best ones down into a small notebook. A few years ago I came across the notebook which I had forgotten all about. I see some of the combinations of ingerdients I used then now being touted by celebrities/televsion as the "newest skin treatment" fad and it makes me laugh...Many of us have been using a lot of those products for numerous years, and our mothers, and grandmothers before us. I guess all that fame & money makes some peoples brains stop working!!!!
  • My college A&P Professor when I was in nursing school told us that our skin cells are dead on the outside and putting expensive creams and lotions on them wouldn't do anything but waste our money. I've never forgotten that. LOL
  • DUCKY2222
    Thank you for these "recipes" I love using natural kind of skin care.
  • How fantastic to find these recipes for making cleansers and moisturizers.
  • I have eczema and I am hoping that some of these ideas will work for me. I plan on checking with the dermatologist on my next visit.

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