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Hate to Exercise? Try These Ideas!

Fresh Fitness Ideas from SparkPeople Members


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  • I was hoping this article would help. It didn't. It just depressed me because all the ideas reminded me of all the reasons why I don't exercise between November and March.

    Wouldn’t use a stationary bike to read. Don’t have this at home.
    Don’t have a stepper or a recumbent bike at home to watch TV. Need to get a gym to do that. Can’t get to the gym in the winter. It's a half hour away on good dry roads.

    I’d like to walk but it’s too cold to walk outside and too far to get to a gym to walk.
    I wouldn't walk, much less run, to the grocery store to run and pick up even just one item, in the cold.

    I treated my workout time like an appointment this past year during the spring and winter and all that did was put me behind on a host of other things. Now I’m paying for it. I'm playing major catch-up!

    I don’t need to buy any cute exercise attire.

    I can’t afford these 5K races or other weightlifting contests. I did enough to know it's not worth it to me.

    I used to go to a Zumba Studio. It closed. The gym I once was a member took over those classes. But after five years of being bullied there, I left that gym and found another gym I really like that is a half hour away (this was the only gym I could find I liked that I could afford). I haven’t been able to find a place close enough that I like that offers Zumba classes at affordable prices by an instructor I like.

    I don’t mind going to the gym or working out at home either to DVDs and videos. Bottom line: Just don’t have the time to work out now. I won’t drive over a half hour to get to the gym on bad roads or in bad weather.

    Yes, I know I need aerobics and strength training. However, I can’t skate, do sports, play tennis or rollerblade. Don’t have kids or a friend to play or walk with or do anything fun with.

    Don’t know of a volunteer job that requires me to lift things. Nor do I have time for a volunteer job. I’ve got plenty that needs to be done at home and nobody helps me with any of it.

    I usually play and enjoy music when I work out. That makes the time fly. I like dancing and weightlifting. Could get a DVD or watch a video to dance. I have many strength training options. But I don't have time to work out!

    I really love to exercise. That’s not the problem. Once I get started, the time flies. I devoted three total body workouts a week at the gym from March through October. Problem was that it takes at least 3 hours of my day each time I work out between the time it takes to pack up my bag, get to the gym, unpack, do my workout, pack up, get home, shower and dress.

    The commute to the gym alone is about an hour. It’s the closest gym. I need to be at the gym for about 1.5 hours to make my hour round-trip commute to the gym worth my while. I got my workouts in but a lot of other things that should’ve been done got put on the back burner. I procrastinated. Now I’m forced to do those things. I can no longer put it off. I now don’t have the time to stop and exercise. I’ve got way too much to catch up on. I know if I stop to exercise, it makes it hard to get back to all those “other things”. Once I get started, I can’t stop. Time slips away from me.
  • I don't hate to exercise but I am limited - often to chair exercises (which I do hate) for safety reasons So many of the ideas require classes, partners, music or fairly pricey equipment. Being deaf I can't take classes and have yet to find an equally committed buddy who can help with balance issues in case I fall - we also have to walk in silence. I do have some tapes I know by heart from when I was able to hear so those I do but for me it's important to GET OUT of the house and engage. That can be a real challenge.
  • There are some who have always loved and enjoyed exercise, not this girl. Who wants to do something that truly shows how out of shape you are? Exercise is work, and it is often hard. However, so is huffing and puffing and struggling to move. I am a firm believer that ANYTHING is possible, when you get out of your own way. Build slowly, I am talking ten minute increments. Heart thumping cardio, yes please! Cardio sculpt, even better. Jump way outside of your comfort zone, you will be amazed where you land. If you asked me two years ago if I would gladly purchase a step, a BOSU, kettle bells, a balance board...what? Did not even know some of these existed, now they are used regularly and show how far I have come. Exercise your strong, find your fit...powerful things to learn about oneself!
  • I really like to read positive messages about the way others exercise. I have enjoyed the SPARK program because of the variety of workout videos they offer and all the challenges they have. I regularly do five challenges a day and incorporate at least one 45 minute cardio and strength training workout each day. I look forward to planning my workouts each day!
  • I started dog walking. Not only does it motivate me to walk every day, I get paid for it.
  • Don't forget gardening, raking leaves, swimming, canoeing/kayaking, or even plain old housework, if you put it in high gear!
  • BAUMAN147
    I listen to audiobooks on my mp3. I can listen while I'm walking or running outside, on the elliptical or treadmill (or stationary bike), stretching and lifting weights.

    A good book will keep me distracted from how much further I need to go on days when I'm not "feeling it" and when I'm done working out, I am more likely to go on to do other "active" activities (yard work, housework, etc) instead of just sitting down.
  • I walk to the library downtown (about a 15-20 walk) to attend a knitting group once a week. I get to knit and chat for a couple of hours before having to tackle the uphill walk home (about half the distance). I try to walk to appointments downtown when I can as well and park my car further away when I do drive.. Lately I have been jumping on the treadmill first thing in the morning and using music to keep me moving and motivated. I also have a stationary bike but find it very uncomfortable or I would use it an get some reading done. Maybe I'll get there eventually when my fitness level increases!
  • I liked the comment about exercise with a purpose. Walking to accomplish errands, reading while peddling, linking watching TV and listening to music with movement - really made sense to me. Also breaking your exercise up into several small intervals throughout the day. Five or ten minutes of exercise after sitting at a computer for a couple of hours seems more like a reward than a burden. Great article and challenge.
  • wow, I did not think to read while on the stationary bike. I am so excited to try it. I know alot of people think they don't have time to exercise but I read an interesting quote from a doctor to his complaining busy patient. "You think you don't have time now? Wait til the health complications start. Do you have time for an early death?" It spoke truth to me. I kept putting off taking care of me and now I will pay the price for that choice. I am taking the time now to make my life better in ways it counts and that means less "stuff" and more relationship time with my family in healthy ways.
  • I don't hate the exercise itself, but I do hate the time it takes out of my life. Recent research shows that for effective weight loss and maintenance you need to do at least 300-350 minutes a week. With two "rest" days, that's 70 minutes a day. I have a job, I am in a band, and I run a sewing/crafting business on the side. I also like to read, game, and occasionally I like to find time to clean my house (LOL). At 70 minutes a day, I usually have to sacrifice two or more of these things (usually the things that I do "just for me") and I find myself thinking about all the other things I would be spending my time on if I didn't have to exercise. This is distracting and I find that I don't work out as hard as I should. It is also very hard to stick to this much exercise in the long run. YES, I always start out slowly with just a few minutes per day, but eventually I reach a point where I feel like all I do is work, sleep, and exercise. This gets old. I never regret working out and I always feel great afterwards, but that doesn't change the fact that whenever I am in my workout room getting ready for another 40 minute workout I feel like I was just there doing that same thing; like I just got done working out, yet here I am again! Does anyone else have this problem?
  • I do not hate exercise, but have never been the "athletic" type. More of a "klutz" who never really fit in organized teams, games, etc. Actually, I find that my body and spirit really CRAVE exercise and love it !
    Found out I really love walking! Was doing that outside for a number of years till we moved to an area with no leash laws, where a dog thinks the whole neighborhood is his territory and is somewhat threatening. Now I only do neighborhood walks with my husband.
    On the other hand, DVDs and free online choices have helped me a lot and are my primary go tos. Found out, too, that I need a lot of diversity in even 1 week. Can be doing some NYC Ballet workout, Leslie Sansone, Denise Austin, Richard Simmons, Spark videos, etc in a period of 1 - 2 weeks - balancing low impact exercise, aerobic, strength training, some yoga.
  • I have excuses for everything. Walking to any store would be a 20+ mile hike for me. Walking in my "neighborhood" is dangerous with a narrow road, dogs and the occasional log truck whizzing by (they aren't supposed to be on our road!) I can't read when on a treadmill or ebike, I've tried. Playing with the kids is out, my kids are grown, no grands, a new pair of shoes! I did that, love 'em! wore them once so far. Do something you love: I love reading, writing, drawing, creating... can't do those while being active. I do watch tv when on the treadmill sometimes, but still ugh. Dancing I love, only when I'm alone and no one is at home, which lately is NEVER. hahaha. excuse after excuse. truth is I just need to suck it up and do it. I do think I'd like an elliptical machine. :)
    I hate to workout in the house but love to take my puppy for a walk or walk/run. She makes it very enjoyable because her joy of the adventure is infectious. Since I've been limited with my ankle surgery she often comes up and whines and I know she wants me to take her. The kids will take her out, so she still gets her workout and breath of fresh air but my mood is really dampened by my imposed sentence to the house, LOL.
  • "Find an activity you like". The activities I like to do are reading, singing and playing the piano. I don't think those would qualify as exercise.
    I exercise simply because I have to, not because I like to. Walking for longer than about 15-20 is out of the question since I have a bad back. The recumbent bike is the main cardio and it's about as boring as it can possibly be, and I can't read while exercising. I literally count down the minutes until I'm finished.

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