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Is It a Cold or Allergies?

Find Out What Ails You by Assessing Your Symptoms


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  • Great info. Thanks.
  • Very timely article. In NC pine pollen is REALLY strong. The whole state turns pale yellow. So earlier this week when I developed a scratchy throat and a "tickle" that made me want to cough, I said it was just allergies. WRONG! Has now turned into a full-blown cold with headache, earaches and low grade fever. I take Cold-Eze but just wish I'd figured it out sooner,
  • Very informative, while reading it I realized it was already known; however, this chart and artical made it come together a lot better, Thank You
  • HILLSLUG98239
    I'd suggest following the advice to boost your immune system if you have allergies as well as if you have a cold. Having seasonal, dust, and pet allergies frequently means there's a fair amount of goo in your sinuses; that's an excellent medium for an infection. (For me, a series of sinus infections was how my healthy-care provider figured out I had allergies.) Boosting your immune system may help you stave off the secondary infections; it may even help lesson the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  • Good article, its not exactly right though.
  • now I know its cold I have.
  • My sinuses are a little more complicated. I have some allergies, I get colds, I sometimes get the flu in spite of the shots, and my sinuses react to changes in the weather. So when I get sinus issues, I get to figure out if it's the weather, my allergies, a cold, or the flu. If I guess wrong and let it drag on too long, it will either turn into a sinus infection or else settle in my throat and take forever to get rid of.

    It's actually not that uncommon for allergies to cause a sore throat if there are sniffles involved. Some of them run down the throat and cause irritation.
  • Thanks for the information. I have had lingering symptoms and was wondering if it was allergies. The fever and raw throat at the outset answered my question. Thanks!
  • I would like to see one that was titled "is it a cold or the flu?"
  • I've been feeling miserable for weeks now. My mucus is clear. Never thought of allergies...Now to find out what I am allergic to.
  • In my case, the ENT said that if there's color (i.e. yellow or green) in the mucus during the day there's some sort of sinus infection involved. I have nearly year-long allergies, and would often get sinus infections from them. For me, the trick was to stop taking the decongestants my family doctor had recommended. Decongestants dry the mucus membranes and were causing my narrower-tha-usual sinus passages to plug up.
  • STORMY724
    My doctor told me if it starts with a runny nose it's an allergy & when it starts with a sore throat it is a cold. In my case I've found that to be true, but maybe it isn't always for everyone.
    Carolj35-usually they say that, but I have severe allergies and often the mucous can run yellow and I have had fever with allergies, but then again, I can be a bit of an odd duck.

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