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Printable 15-Minute Abs Workout

Take the Video With You!


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  • great ideas for a workout.. Wish I knew how to save this video to help me work out.
  • Thank you a lot. I am going to do them definitely because I think this will help me a lot.
  • I just tried it for the first time this is a great workout for abs thanks
  • Thanks so much for this ab workout. This is what my coworker and I needed to go along with our walks.
    I have only done this once and can feel the strength in my core after I finished. Great series!
  • I'm so glad there's a print out for this one! Thanks a lot.
  • love this article
    thanks so much!
  • Is there anyway to copy to a MP3. I want to play on my portable DVD to take to work and workout during my breaks. It would help me tremendously.
  • I would LOVE to get all of the workouts in printable form - much easier for me to do the routine that way - thank you!
  • Mush142 - Same here, I find a lot of formatting a problem. In the meantime, keep sifting through the sheets. We might get work as a card dealer. Good Luck with your workout.
  • Printable version really great. I could never quite get to the end of this - as its a real killer. I can do it in two parts now.
    No wonder I get the fat around my middle - the muscles are really out of shape.
    wow!what a wonderful site!! i really happy to see these programs.sure i am going to follow these programs and fit for everyday life with enthusiasm
    thank you very very much
    It's awesome that you guys finally released a printable version of this! Now if there were an option to add this to our exercise tracker (Well... besides entering everything individually, of course.), everything would be perfect! ;D
  • Wow!!! You don't realize how much I appreciate you allowing this to be printed. I have a very very slow computer at home and it took 4 hours to download the thing, so I stopped and started it at work writing down what I saw. This is so awesome! This was my first favorites save and although I haven't done it much (because I have to be at work to see it), now I can do it. Thanks again!!!!
  • Is it possible to reformat this article? I've tried printing it several times and it does not print as it appears on the screen. All of the text is pushed over to the left in a more narrow column.

    Great article and workout! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

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