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10 Worst Foods of the Year

How Many Have You Tried?


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  • Thank Goodness I am not a big Fad Food person, so I didn't indulge in any of those. Now if you would've said Milky Ways or Mini Reese Cups or even Butterfinger Crisp then you would've had my number! They sound fattening!
    Now I know why some of the guys I play hockey with have to buy new shorts every few months. I'm afraid that just reading this article is going to put weight on me!
    The whole Western World is getting fatter and sicker on cheap and cruelly factory farmed animal products like these. Restaurants should be deleting this kind of garbage and adding new healthier items - instead they're doing the opposite! Isn't there any money to be made in healthy food? I say give tax-breaks to companies who sell healthy food and ethically farmed products! I'd vote for it!
  • Food like this should be illegal!!!!!!
  • oh my gosh! i had know idea. I've had 6 of them at least once. i can't tell you how many pzones!!!
  • oh my gosh! i had know idea. I've had 6 of them at least once. i can't tell you how many pzones!!!
  • Shudder...just reading this article makes my arteries sad!
  • Thankfully, I can say none of these crossed my lips OR ended up on my hips!! :-)
  • I can HAPPILY and PROUDLY say none! I think I have only heard of a couple of those things anyway!
    Yuck! No more double choco chip frapp for me!! Boo, Starbucks!! (Actually, boo to me for eating without thinking!)
  • No, I have never had any of the 10 worst--thank goodness, but just looking at that huge BACON burger would lead most people to conclude that it must be about 2 or 3 meals worth of food.....someone is making lots of money from the poor food choices people make.
  • Wow, although I have never tried any of these items I am a big fan of breakfast and Denny's. I am sure whatever items I've had there were ridiculous like this list. I am afraid to eat out now!
    The Pizza Hut Double Deep Pizza got me. I thought I'd eat just a little bit and I'd be ok. When I looked it up and and realized that little bit had put me over for the day I was mad!!!!!
    Oops! I have had the Carl's Jr. -- that had to be tops on the list too! At least I went for the gusto.......... luckily my visits throught the drive through have decreased to about 2 -3 x's a year, now that I'm in 2008 I'll have only 1 drive-through experience -- and it won't be any of this crap!
  • Great article! I'm happy to say I don't eat any of those!

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