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One Day at a Time - Part 2*

Donna's Slips into a Size 12
  -- By SparkPeople

Couldn’t all of us use a little motivation from time to time? Recently, one member inspired everyone here at SparkPeople, and we think her story can help you too. Donna (DONNA999) may be several pounds away from her goal, but as a busy mother of two with a demanding job, she’s like so many of us—learning from mistakes, making gradual changes, seeing progress and facing pitfalls. We’re going to follow her as she uses SparkPeople to reach her goals. If you missed her first entry, read "Donna's Ah-Ha Moment" before you continue below and see where she is now!

My younger sister called, complaining about all the weight she's put on in the past two years…5 pounds. She's determined to get back down to 110 so she fits in her size 3 jeans better. As I listened to her, I knew I didn't want either of my sisters to EVER know how much I weigh.

Until then, I'd been feeling great about the weight I'd lost so far. I didn't say anything but after I got off the phone I felt almost depressed. Getting to 130 will take so much time and effort—it almost seems an impossible goal. And when I do finally get to 130, then I'll STILL be the fat sister—well maybe the healthy, athletic sister.

Today has been great! I weighed this morning and I'm down two more pounds ... 188 now. I've lost 17 pounds since I started. Three more pounds and I'm taking scuba lessons. I think I'll pick up few copies of the scuba schedule so I can tape them on my mirror and on my fridge as extra motivation to stay on track.

I'm struggling today not to give in to temptation. My ex brought home a chocolate pie. Every time I open the fridge it’s sitting there with its creamy topping and curls of chocolate on top. Several times I've picked up a spoon so I could have a tiny taste but I've managed to not do it yet. I KNOW if I start I won't stop until I eat too much. Better if I don't start.

That pie isn't worth regaining any of the pounds I've lost. I've got to keep telling myself that! It helps having the scuba schedule on the fridge. It makes me think every time I go to "trim" the edges of the pie.

The good: Lost 2 pounds, stayed within the lower part of my calorie range and within my carb range, drank my water, exercised at least 60 minutes on 5 days.

The bad: Under on fat on all days, over on protein on 2 days, salt way too high on all but 1 day, learned that my BMI is 38.

Hopefully I can scuba dive. The little nagging, pinching-your-stomach worries have started. Am I'm too old or out of shape to climb in and out of the boat? There might not be too many sharks in the Texas lakes but there are alligators and if there is one anywhere close to me, I'm the one it's gonna come after cause I'm plump and juicy! But my biggest concern is what will I wear? Can I get away with wearing shorts and a baggy T-Shirt over my bathing suit? I'd rather have the alligator take a bite out of me than be seen in my bathing suit.

My Mom called me about her upcoming visit:

"I'm going to make that triple chocolate cake you love so much."
Knowing that all that southern "comfort" food helped pack on all my extra poundage in the first place I protested, "Mom, I'd really rather stick to the diet."

"And a peach cobbler since I know that's your favorite."

"Okay, maybe just the cobbler." I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "No don't bring the cobbler either because I can't eat it. I'm trying very hard to eat healthier, more things like baked chicken and salads and fresh fruit and veggies and no fried foods or heavy desserts."

"Don't worry, I'm going to make sure you eat right." (Which means eating her food.) Feeling desperate, I lied.

"I don't like fried foods anymore because it upsets my stomach. And I've been working very hard to loss weight. I don't want to gain it back."

"I don't know why you girls are always dieting. There's nothing wrong with you. You're not overweight you just have more curves than your sisters."

Oh, how blind a mother's sight when they look through their heart and not their eyes.

The Race for the Cure is this weekend. I received my t-shirt and parking pass in the mail so that makes it feel more real. I'm not sure if my friends are going to go but I'm going to be there.

For a while I was swept along as wave after wave of runners took off. The faster runners cut through us slower runners like sharks through schools of tuna. I picked up my heels and ran faster than I've run in years. I feared if I slowed too much I'd be pushed down and this slightly plump tuna would be trampled flat. Believe me, fear for your life is a great motivator! Once the sharks, I mean faster runners swept past us then everything settled down and I could slow down. My initial run was for ten minutes and a little over a mile ... I new record for me!

Every Friday (after I weigh-in and "feel" thinner) I try on a pair of my "larger" size 12 pants. I can now pull them on up over my hips and button them, but they're still so tight that not only do I look like a street walker, but if I wore them they'd explode if I tried to breathe and heaven forbid that I try to sit down because the seams wouldn't hold. But someday I'm gonna wear them…

She checked my BMI with the little pinchy thing and I've dropped from 38% to 33.5% body fat. I know 33.5% is still in the "obese" area but that sucker is moving in the right direction.

I bought the new jeans…and they're not the overweight, old lady looking jeans that you don't care how big your butt looks in 'em because you know you're going to wear loose baggy shirts. No, today for the first time in maybe ten years, I bought "younger" looking jeans, ones flare out at the feet and don't come up to my waist...and they are in size 12! I can't believe I'm wearing a 12! I haven't worn 12s in such a long time.

* Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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