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Dining Out: French Cuisine

Restaurant-Specific Strategies
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With rich textures and flavors—especially in desserts and sauces—these dishes are often high in fat, but are usually served in smaller portions. Lighter “Nouvelle Cuisine” options are sometimes offered.
Common Ingredients:

Lots of cheese and heavy cream sauces—bread & cheese, cheese slices, melted cheese, au gratin—it’s everywhere! Salads are often plentiful on French menus, but butter and cream are also common ingredients.
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Healthy Finds:
The Big Tip:

Asking for sauces on the side may offend the chef. It may be best to simply avoid the creamier sauces altogether.
Substitution Ideas

Try This Skip That
Chicken Duck
Poached Fruit  Chocolate Mousse
Red Wine Blush or White Wine
Ratatouille  Pate Ratatouille
 French Bread Croissants
Bordelaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce
Flambeed Cherries Crème Caramel

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