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Winter Running and Workout Tips

Dress for Success (or at Least Warmth)
  -- By Julie Isphording, former Olympian
After a quarter century of lacing up my shoes and hitting the pre-dawn road, I would never question that running has provided me with great health, great friends, incredible physical and mental strength, and a zest for life. However, during cold, dark winter mornings my smile is a little faded and the spring in my step is not, shall we say, springy.

The truth is, winter running and walking (and basic living) is quite challenging. Hey, sometimes the truth hurts. Over the years though, I have discovered some of the best ways to make winter exercise easier and more fun. I would never want something like the weather to control my exercise or yours. Here's a simple guide to healthy winter exercise. During the winter, one of my all-time favorite thing is to throw my running clothes in the dryer for three minutes before I head out on a blustery morning. Right when the warmth from the dryer fades, I'm already a mile into my run. I'm warm, and yes, there is a nice spring to my step, especially during the first snowfall when I'm the first footprint of the morning.