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How to Help Someone Who is Depressed

Encourating Your Loved One to Get Help
  -- By Liza Barnes, Health Educator
Depression is a mental illness, but it doesn’t just affect a person’s mind. It affects their body, their work, and their relationships with family members and friends. If you are close to a person suffering from depression, you probably know that something’s wrong but aren’t sure what to do about it. Depression is complicated to diagnose and treat, so only a qualified health care provider can do that. But there are some common symptoms that you can look for. If someone you know is experiencing five or more of the following signs, for more than 2 weeks, then that person could be suffering from depression: If someone you know has confided in you that they may be depressed, or if you have a strong suspicion that they may be, here are some ways you can help. After your loved one has taken the steps to begin treatment, there is still a long road ahead. There are many things you can do to support his or her journey to recovery. Depression treatment has a high success rate, especially if research-backed protocols are followed. Assure your friend or loved one that she certainly is not hopeless, and a better day is probably right around the corner if she gets some help. And remember that once that day is here, the relationship that the two of you share will be better than ever.