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Ditch the Winter Itch

Tips for Treating Dry Skin & Hair
  -- By Leanne Beattie, Health & Beauty Writer
If you've ever scratched your arm or leg and left a trail of white flakes (who hasn't?), then you’ve seen the effects of dry skin. While uncomfortable, dry skin usually isn’t "serious," but it can make a formerly-smooth complexion tight, itchy and more prone to fine lines. Dryness can also make your skin appear rough and scaly, and is often accompanied by flaking and peeling too. In some extreme cases, deep fissures may appear—ouch!

Dry skin is the most severe in the winter months when the temperature and humidity levels fall. But most home heating systems don't help—they too can strip your skin of moisture, leaving it tight and uncomfortable.

And while you might think it's helpful, taking a hot bath, in addition to daily use of harsh soaps and detergents (known skin irritants), deodorant and antibacterial soaps (often the worst offenders), can make your symptoms even worse. So what can you do?

Treating Your Dry Skin Soothing Your Dry Hair and Scalp
The same environmental factors that can cause dry skin can also dry out your hair. You don’t have to suffer through the long winter with dry skin or brittle hair. With only a few minor changes to your beauty routine you can have soft, comfortable skin all season long!