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The Best Birthday Present Is the One You Give Away!

Instead of having a party with his friends, this young man decided to celebrate his 22nd birthday by completing 22 random acts of kindness to brighten the lives of those around him. Watch and be inspired!
If you could devote one day to doing simple good deeds, what would you choose to do? Discover how giving back can not only change the world around you, but make you a happier person!
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Member Comments

  • You have indeed proved the value of the teaching: "It is more blessed to give than to receive" God bless you. - 1/17/2017 2:20:57 PM
  • we are commanded to love one another we should be doing this every day, - 9/25/2016 1:13:25 PM
  • How he did all that in 1 day amazes me! - 7/8/2016 3:11:19 PM
  • Beautiful acts of kindness and generosity. Thank you for all you've done and for the inspiration to all! - 7/4/2016 11:02:41 AM
  • Unbelievable- thank you for bringing me to tears this morning not over something horrible or bad but for seeing Goodness and Kindness being front and center to a person who has grown into an amazing individual. I hope your acts of kindness spurted others along the way. Thank you. - 4/6/2016 9:31:24 AM
  • This is great. Taking the attention off self and giving to others. - 1/30/2016 11:06:38 PM
  • very awesome --- I want to do something like that -- maybe January 2016 -- new year --- 31 days of Random Acts of Kindness.

    - 12/8/2015 4:14:05 PM
  • What a nice thought! Very inspirational - 10/23/2015 7:57:48 AM
  • What a wonderful young man. I hope everyone that sees this video feels inspired to pay it forward with random acts of kindness. - 10/21/2015 12:51:58 AM
  • What a fantastic young man and message. All simple things that add up to so much. What really got me was the apples for the workers who didn't get a job that day. I am glad I watched this and will take a lesson from it. The beauty is in the simplicity and heart. - 10/20/2015 6:53:49 PM
    I'd love to know what country this was in. (Obviously not America. Hint 1) Orphanage, 2) Reference to Eid, 3) License plates, 4) Arabic script throughout, etc.) I suppose I'll attribute it to a nebulous country in the Middle East. I'm glad this guy is setting the example. - 10/20/2015 1:55:22 PM
  • Such a wonderful video. What a kindhearted young man he is. - 10/20/2015 11:33:42 AM
  • What an awesome way to celebrate a birthday, and what an inspiration for the rest of us! Random acts of kindness cost so little, yet mean so much! - 10/20/2015 9:51:26 AM
  • That was heart warming and gives me pause for thought. Thanks for sharing! - 10/20/2015 9:27:53 AM
  • wow! BEAUTIFUL and very touching
    thank you and many,many blessings - 8/21/2015 4:58:29 PM