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What Ever Happened to Your Childlike Sense of Wonder?

Perhaps the only way to achieve greatness is to reconnect with our inner child and relearn how to experience awe.
What could you achieve if you embraced your inner child?
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Member Comments

  • Awesome! - 4/13/2018 11:46:49 AM
  • This video is one of my all time favorites. The world through their eyes is beautiful and full of hope and fun. - 2/27/2018 1:50:37 PM
  • This is one of the reasons why I love spending time with my 3 year old nephew, cause I get the chance to see the world through his eyes. - 2/12/2018 11:50:18 AM
    Live in the moment, live in the wonder of life, of love😊 - 7/9/2017 10:50:55 PM
  • cute but there are times when you wish for that feeling again - 3/21/2017 5:49:54 PM
  • Cute video... laugh and move on... - 3/21/2017 7:05:32 AM
  • He didn't drive me crazy. He didn't mean that life is or should be always fun and games. But that we need to look at things like a child when It is new and be able to appreciate the moment and what we are seeing or doing.

    I took it because when you are experiencing a "wow' moment creativity of the mind can see things we normally wouldn't see and discover something new or get a new idea. - 7/10/2016 12:05:30 PM

  • We should all look at the world through the eyes of children and be curious about everything. - 1/27/2016 8:03:37 PM
    I'm not a baby, toddler, or a child. So I don't get it! Have a Fabulous & Blessed Friday! - 12/18/2015 12:21:06 PM
  • :: "This guy drove me crazy watching him and trying to listen to his mumbo-jumble. Did anyone else have that reaction?"

    No, not at all. I saw and heard an intelligent, well-read man with something to say and something worth hearing. "Get out of your rut!" - 12/6/2015 11:44:34 PM
    This guy drove me crazy watching him and trying to listen to his mumbo-jumble. Did anyone else have that reaction? - 7/25/2015 11:15:58 PM
  • H-O-P-E
    When you are a child all of those joys are new experiences. With age real life hits you, pressures, deaths, worries, harm, hurt, emotions, pain, illness etc. take away the joy. You then have to make a point to find the joy unlike being a child when it's all around you. But even in a child, look at the child that is starving, abused or lonely, that same joy is not there.
    If we can find something in the middle - to live with the pains of life but able to find the joy in it as well, that's the key. - 1/4/2015 10:30:08 AM
  • I don't believe he is saying that it is all fun and games. He does come off strongly about his point of view but I believe what he is trying to do is convey the importance of taking that time to be in a state of awe and wonder. It is incredibly healthy to do, not only for your mind but your body. It can lower blood pressure, lower cortisol etc. It is about balance AND it is OK to take the time to do this. If we slave over our work, over our "duties" and never take the time out to embrace what is around us, to try new things... then what are we busting our butts for? - 11/19/2014 2:46:05 AM
  • I love guys like this, who think it is all fun and games, but the next time he sits down HUNGRY and wants to eat, he'd better realize that that farmer who got up and went out to WORK is the reason he can eat, or when he turns on his hot water to take a shower, it is the responsible people who are working at the power plant that didn't decide to spend all day being in a kid mood that made it possible. - 10/11/2014 12:36:56 AM
    Well aren't some of you cheerful souls... - 8/28/2014 2:17:17 PM