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TV Anchor Blasts Viewer Who Calls Her 'Fat'

What did a TV news anchor do when a viewer called her fat? She didn't cry or ignore it--she took to the airwaves and used the hateful email as an opportunity to promote acceptance and fight bullying.
Jennifer Livingston is a role model for standing up for herself and not letting anyone bully people for their appearances! Need some motivation to love your body? Here are five ways to follow Jennifer's lead
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Member Comments

  • So very true! And the sad fact is, the bullies are only tripping to hide their own insecurities. I'd recently seen a Facebook posting mocking a larger woman in leggings. Every man posting a mocking comment was, in fat, obese himself. The irony was lost on them.

    It's what lies in our hearts and souls that makes us beautiful people...not the outer appearance. 💕 - 3/31/2017 2:19:27 PM
  • You are AWESOME!!!! I've never seen you before viewing this video on SparkPeople, but you so totally rock. Your response to the bully was terrific, and your teaching point afterward is priceless. Thank you for taking the high ground and using this to educate, rather than negatively engage. - 3/28/2017 1:27:00 AM
  • You are an amazing person. Bullying just needs to stop. Sometimes there is a reason a person is over weight. Stress is one major cause of obesity today! If people would just mind their own business or give positive words of encouragement, our world would be a much nicer place. - 2/20/2017 9:28:06 PM
  • You are an awesome lady for taking a stand against this extremely crude and cruel individual. I hope every child that is going through attacks like this will take heart and realize their very unique and special self-worth. BRAVO for your strength of character!! - 2/19/2017 3:56:20 PM
  • Laurance, are you for real? It was bullying you dolt. The man behind that email was bullying her by calling her fat. Criticizing someone is a form of bullying. Wake up Laurance! Your two cents was NOT welcome. - 2/19/2017 12:12:42 PM
  • You go girl - 2/19/2017 9:54:22 AM
  • Inspiring ! - 2/19/2017 6:20:17 AM
  • We should be focused on whether or not she does her job. She does it well and is a true spokesperson. Kudos to her! - 2/19/2017 5:23:55 AM
  • Bravo! I applaude your response to the man who's mind is so shallow. It's refreshing to listen to your encouraging words to so many who struggle with the effects from negative judgements that have become so pervasive throughout the world. - 9/29/2016 8:46:17 PM
  • Good for you standing up to this e-mail putdown. - 6/18/2016 5:49:52 AM
  • I see it (a little as 'Bullying') BUT..have you followed the commentaries from TV shows and radio shows that followed?? (After this video ends) I was appalled..nearly sickened to hear adults talk about this woman and the vile and filth they used in regard to her..ON TV SHOWS AND THE RADIO..!!! - 6/17/2016 11:28:22 AM
  • BRAVO!!!! What a wonderful leader you are in teaching children to STAND STRONG against hateful attacks & Bullying. I applaud you! I enjoyed this video more than any I have seen thus far! Keep on being a wonderful example to children! - 6/15/2016 7:15:43 PM
  • You are a beautiful person. I hope your speaking out on the air will reach many people. - 6/15/2016 10:10:48 AM
  • I clap your heart felt words...
    Proverbs 15:1 Kind words turn away wrath but a harsh word stir up anger.

    Thank God for using you today as His vessel to spread words of encouragement in a world fill of bullies and negative comments

    Have a blesseductive day - 6/15/2016 9:04:25 AM
  • Awesome lady! My sister-in-law always makes comments on my weight. She words them as concern for my health. Yet I have no weight related health problems. - 5/16/2016 6:02:36 AM