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TV Anchor Blasts Viewer Who Calls Her 'Fat'

What did a TV news anchor do when a viewer called her fat? She didn't cry or ignore it--she took to the airwaves and used the hateful email as an opportunity to promote acceptance and fight bullying.
Jennifer Livingston is a role model for standing up for herself and not letting anyone bully people for their appearances! Need some motivation to love your body? Here are five ways to follow Jennifer's lead
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Member Comments

  • Good for you - you have to stand up for yourself! - 1/24/2016 11:05:19 PM
  • AMAZE610
    Beautifully stated by a beautiful person! - 11/15/2015 2:52:01 PM
  • Some one said thank you for speaking out for the ones who have been bullied. You are
    talking about me & my Som. I thank you! I'm crying right now. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I use to have thick skin also, when I was younger, I'm 68 now, I know
    longer have thick skin any longer. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I'm very sensitive! I
    hope you have a Wonderful & Blessed Wednesday LYL! (LYL means Love You Linda)
    P.S. I live in Evansville, Indiana - 10/28/2015 8:51:23 PM
    I was taught that "If you can't say anything nice, than you shouldn't say anything at all." Now we think that we can comment on anything or anyone even if we don't know them. As a society we have lost our sense of where the bounderies are. It's all about me. So what if we are acting rudely and in a hurtful manner, we need to be heard.
    There is an old song that says "You talk too much. You even worry my pet...." - 9/27/2015 8:43:33 PM
    This is an awesome message. - 9/22/2015 10:26:09 AM
  • Thank you for speaking out in behalf of all that have been bullied in the past & present. You are an amazing woman & your daughters & even your husband as fortunate to have you as their role model. Well said! - 9/14/2015 3:40:31 AM
  • We all have areas that need improvement. Maybe we should create a tracker that shows how many units of foolishness we have lost. Of course we'd have to work hard at it...maybe even think before we speak. - 9/9/2015 12:20:26 AM
  • Well said! I was bullied growing up, I'm 6' 1" and have been since jr high and I was bone thin..., I would have loved confronting my bully and still would just to let her know how she changed my confidence level and really hurt me. I think God has made us all different and we need to learn to embrace or differences. if we were all the same, what kind of world would we live in? Stepford? Well said and you're beautiful - 8/9/2015 10:17:57 PM
  • Good message, Jennifer. I applaud your determination. I really think that much of the problem lies with our society. We are bombarded on a daily basis with commercials depicting delicious food, laden with fat, salt, and enough carbohydrates to sink a ship!!! Most of the interior sections of our grocery stores are filled with treats of all kinds. Then, we turn around and condemn people for being overweight and obese. To so many, the worst thing in the world is to be a "fattie." I am an obese person. I recently have taken my diet and exercise seriously. Yet, when I go to the Y, I am the biggest person there. I wonder where are others who could really use the workouts-of course at their own speed and ability. Are they too intimidated by the stares or frightened by being made fun of and treated like a second class alien? So, I, like Jennifer, take my stand at the Y. Yes, I am awkward, and I can't do everything that others do. But I will continue to go-and work and help my health. Hopefully, I can encourage others, just as Jennifer did!!! - 7/31/2015 5:50:26 PM
  • Thank you for this.
    I am sharing it on my facebook because I have family who think it is okay to pick on me about my weight.
    Okay I was 200 pounds over weight. They know I was fighting with this for years.
    But the jokes hurt so much.
    So far I managed to lose 100 pounds with they help of a wonderful doctor who knew how to address the issue and did not give me the same answer as the others. (surgery)
    Turns out I had a medical issue that needed to be corrected. Once it was, the weight finally came off.
    The other half of my weight still needs to go and does not understand my eviction notice. But in time I will over come that in the end as well.
    Love to you and your family and good luck. - 6/23/2015 6:01:24 PM
  • Well said!!! - 5/31/2015 7:50:27 PM
  • BRENA53
    I am right there where you are the bullying others starts at home with the parents!
    - 5/4/2015 9:07:00 PM
  • Well said. A person's worth isn't measured by their size, height, skin color, belief system, sexual orientation, gender or weight.

    - 4/6/2015 9:50:57 AM
    Jennifer you are a gret role model for young and old. Thanks for that!! - 3/2/2015 3:38:10 PM
    Well said - 2/26/2015 12:11:36 PM