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TV Anchor Blasts Viewer Who Calls Her 'Fat'

What did a TV news anchor do when a viewer called her fat? She didn't cry or ignore it--she took to the airwaves and used the hateful email as an opportunity to promote acceptance and fight bullying.
Jennifer Livingston is a role model for standing up for herself and not letting anyone bully people for their appearances! Need some motivation to love your body? Here are five ways to follow Jennifer's lead
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Member Comments

  • Awesome lady! My sister-in-law always makes comments on my weight. She words them as concern for my health. Yet I have no weight related health problems. - 5/16/2016 6:02:36 AM
  • What a low-life jerk the writer of that e-mail is! I feel great sadness for such an individual.

    He needs to understand that one of the worst choices a person can make is to judge another & so unfairly, to boot!

    - 4/19/2016 8:23:43 PM
  • No matter what she still deserves dignity and I am glad she took that person to task. - 4/7/2016 10:29:54 PM
  • Hooray for you! and to your husband who took it upon himself to stand up to the BULLY....I feel sorry for the "mean-girl" syndrome comment to you, but I am so glad you took time to talk to kids everywhere...too often, kids define themselves by the comments of others, and somebody needs to help break that mold! And to LAURANCE, I understand that you may have never been bullied for your weight, but under any definition, It IS Bullying! - 4/7/2016 7:18:10 AM
  • Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for standing up for all of us & my DS! We both were bullied & made fun of in
    school in middle school & high school, mostly high school! I'll never forget the time we
    were at a football game for my high school, my DS, and my Daddy's high school, & some
    one made fun of DS because He was so heavy. This one dude want to buy a chocolate
    bar which He was selling for the school, but he called Him "Fat Boy", I went to get up &
    my Mom told me to sit down. Do you know how bad that hurts a Mother? Have a Blessed Day on the Lord's Day! LYL! P.S. If you read these, don't pay any attention to LAURENCE, he doesn't know his butt from the hole in the ground!
    - 4/3/2016 10:10:28 AM
  • This was NOT bullying! Please don't invalidate genuine bullying by calling things like this "bullying".

    The writer was unthinking and insensitive. Yes, the woman knows already that she's fat, she knows she's having a lot of trouble losing weight, she knows that obesity is an epidemic. There's no sense in pointing those things out to her.

    Being a role model is so extremely complex. On the one hand it's good to see a fat woman succeeding and doing well in the public eye. This encourages young women who are feeling awful because of their weight by giving them a positive image.

    On the other hand it validates obesity and can encourage unhealthy habits. This is not a simple issue.

    The writer wrote badly, I'll agree with that. And the letter was unnecessary since the woman already knows what's wrong. Still the criticism was not entirely invalid. The writer oversimplified a very complex situation (and I see that a lot on the internet). But the point made was legitimate.

    But this is NOT bullying! You want bullying? Just try being a 12-year-old girl with Tourette's Syndrome in 7th grade! Oh, you'll get bullying all right! You'll find out to your pain and distress what Real Bullying is! And you'll be shocked and dismayed when your favorite teacher joins in the bullying instead of protecting you.

    Fast forward to middle age and the internet. Try running into a narcissist online in a close cybercommunity, and you'll experience bullying that is breathtaking and utterly destructive, sickening and demoralizing. Experience trying to resist being driven from a community and find out what real bullying is. (Oh, and I outlasted the bully, but only because he died of cancer. I held on because I didn't want to let him win by running me off. But once he was gone I left. He'd destroyed the community for me.)

    No, legitimate criticism is not the same as bullying. Poor writing, insensitivity, failure to reflect the complexity of a situation is not bullying.

    And you do real damage when you conflate poorly stated but le... - 3/26/2016 7:19:37 AM
  • This woman has left a powerful message for young and old. Bully's will always be around, but there may be more supportive people than them. She is the greatest!! Please put her on national TV. - 3/16/2016 5:48:12 PM
  • Jennifer, Congrats! I, too, am obese according to the charts. I'm 69 years young! I have lost 40 lbs. over the last few years. It takes me forever to lose any weight because I'm
    bullemic and I have meds that cause me to gain weight. I can't do without them. That's the other thing, Parents should teach their children that maybe these kids are heavy for a
    reason. Like meds, a illness and a number of reasons! I hope you have a Thankful & Blessed Thursday! - 3/10/2016 2:57:04 PM
  • Bravo, you are an inspiration to all of us who have been bullied. Well said! I think you are beautiful. - 3/4/2016 1:25:08 PM
  • Kudos to you for your comments about bullying! - 3/4/2016 5:21:09 AM
  • Well said! - 3/3/2016 10:42:47 AM
  • The problem I have is that everyone assumes that because I'm overweight I must sit around all day eating! That is not the case. Low thyroid is a serious problem and sometimes no matter how much you workout, the weight doesn't budge. - 3/2/2016 11:43:27 PM
  • Good for you - you have to stand up for yourself! - 1/24/2016 11:05:19 PM
  • AMAZE610
    Beautifully stated by a beautiful person! - 11/15/2015 2:52:01 PM
  • Some one said thank you for speaking out for the ones who have been bullied. You are
    talking about me & my Som. I thank you! I'm crying right now. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I use to have thick skin also, when I was younger, I'm 68 now, I know
    longer have thick skin any longer. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I'm very sensitive! I
    hope you have a Wonderful & Blessed Wednesday LYL! (LYL means Love You Linda)
    P.S. I live in Evansville, Indiana - 10/28/2015 8:51:23 PM