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How Eating Chocolate Can Help You Exercise More

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Here's how your "habit" can help you get even healthier!

Which habits should you break immediately to ensure weight-loss success? Here are the 10 habits of unsuccessful dieters--and 7 things that separate weight-loss winners & losers!

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Member Comments

  • Great info - especially about triggers! I managed to quit smoking for the 6th time a year ago in September - it was so much about the trigger of seeing smoking paraphenalia. I love this "reward/incentive
    " system - I would just suggest make sure the dark chocolate is higher than 65%. - 11/4/2017 8:54:26 AM
  • sounds great for me, I will give it a try. I must work on part 1 first. - 10/17/2017 11:55:58 AM
  • I'm not really a chocoholic but if it would make me exercise more I would do it right now I have to go slow cause of my broken foot I did lots of laundry yesterday and lifting heavy laundry to and from my apt. made my foot hurt a lot yesterday so much when I was done, but I had to get the laundry done cause I'm leaving to go on vacation early Tuesday morning to San Antonio,Texas for Manchu reunion which is a military reunion it happens every year!! I will not be able to communicate on line for 8 days, I'm gonna miss the conversations and feedback from everyone, but I will be back so everyone enjoy their week and I'll talk to you when I get back!!! :) - 9/10/2017 12:09:51 PM
  • Wow. Thanks for the knowledge. I have retrained my brain to walk Saturday mornings, while listening to my weekly prayer line. My MULTIPLE REWARDS are: the prayer line is something I look forward to, for spiritual growth and socializing, my reward #1. I love being outside, my reward #2. I love seeing my progress with an app I use to track my steps, speed, and time walked. Reward #3. I like seeing the accomplishment when I add it to my Sparks account, reward #4. Plus, the added good feeling and weight loss from the exercize! I get a home run of good feelings and results from this, with No Calories Eaten!😆 - 5/20/2017 6:56:14 AM
  • Great idea! Good video! HORRIBLE & INCORRECT use of 'queue'!

    The word is CUE ("a thing said or done that serves as a signal") not QUEUE ("a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn"). These 2 words sound the same, but are spelled differently & mean completely different things..

    That just about drove me INSANE during the video! Please fix it??? - 12/9/2016 10:44:15 AM
  • My reward after exercise would be something small like a bowl of fruit salad with cool whip (the non-fat kind.) Maybe a 2 cutie oranges, a apple, a cup of strawberries, a strawberry muffin for only 87 calories. When I lose a lot of weigh, I get a new dress to wear to church or some new jewelry or a new hat for church. Right now I'm going to
    Goodwill to get my clothes. I hope everybody has a Motivational & Blessed Monday! LYL! - 10/17/2016 3:50:49 PM
  • I totally disagree with this video..I a surprised Sparkpeople even put it up here!

    There are so many studies about processed sugar and their inherent 'ills' from eating it (How the body cannot digest refined sugar so it stores it as fat on the body).. yet they post a video about eating sugary foods after a workout (nothing about carbs nor complex carbs essential to repair the body after a workout) as a reward for being good after a workout!

    Talk about building Obsessive .Compulsive behavior! The author himself as no Medical/Nutrition
    al/Clinical background at all..He is a an American journalist and non-fiction author. He is a reporter for The New York Times and the author of two books on habits and productivity. He claims ne credentials about Health and Nutrition!

    People fall into the 'trap' and catch-all phrase of "Food Addiction" THERE IS NO SUCH THING!
    Alcoholics cannot 'control' their drinking (Alcoholism is NOT a disease nor is it an is an allergy to alcohol) Drug addicts cannot 'control' their drug use. Smokers cannot 'control' their smoking. Thieves cannot 'control' their stealing. All of these (any many other 'habits') have to be eliminated , complete abstinence. If they return to the behavior, then the cycle begins all over. Food is no different! If you you are 'addicted' to food, then you can never eat it again (Based on the definition of 'addiction') because the cycle starts all over again and again and again! Einstein stated, "The truest definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different result!" Rewarding oneself with sugary foods after a workout is preposterous to say the least!

    Behavior is simply stated as . 'You get and act on it.

    lsive behavior is simply stated as . 'You get and act on it again and again and again Yes it goes deeper than that, but that is the easiest way to define it!

    What the author is stating (without the knowledge of Nutrition), "Go run/exercise and come back and eat food the body does ... - 10/16/2016 6:45:54 AM
  • Interesting video. I do not think this works with everyone. What the video does not address is the fourth reaction after you've eaten your chocolate piece reward -- GUILT. Which can trigger a binge or negative feelings all over again....

    If you do not get feelings of guilt after eating things you know are high in fat and calories then this can probably be really effective way to start a good habit. - 8/28/2016 10:30:45 AM
  • I don't believe this. It may work for other people, but things like this do not work for me. Chocolate is just too addictive, and I don't stick with just one small piece as a reward for doing something difficult. In situations like this I will quickly switch to not doing the workout at all. and eating a whole big bag of chocolate. YMMV, though. If this works for you, go for it. - 6/4/2016 7:08:28 AM
  • I'm sorry to be so distracted by this, but the text kept saying 'queue' (a line of people waiting) instead of 'cue' (a trigger). Please fix this, because it was a good message. - 5/23/2016 10:31:10 AM
    I literally hate to exercise, maybe that's why after being here a year I've only lost 40 lbs.
    I know you say that's great! I expected to lose it all by now. So maybe I'll try the square of chocolate after I exercise. Have a Blessed Day on the Lord's Day & a Happy Easter! LYL! - 3/27/2016 2:30:21 PM
  • HAPPYAT110-113
    I love information like this and I have 78% dark chocolate squares AND I have not yet exercised for the day. Will try this and see if I can am aware of the reward factor, makes sense. - 2/12/2016 2:35:41 PM
  • I don't eat chocolate but I eat after I exercise. - 2/12/2016 11:29:25 AM
  • I love chocolate too much and I am afraid if I pair it with exercise (which I hate) I'll make an habit of eating chocolate (which I try not too eat). - 2/10/2016 11:36:46 AM

  • I love chocolate. - 2/3/2016 3:50:36 PM